Kid Gets Owned by Dodgeball

nightintern · 06/15/10 09:00AM

At what appears to be a Man/Boy social club, a game of dodge ball gets taken a bit too seriously by a man with a big green ball.

University of Alberta Breaks Dodgeball World Record

Elaine Moran · 02/16/10 01:02PM

The Olympics aren't the only thing going on in Canada right now- some students in Alberta cliched the unofficial world record for World's Largest Dodgeball Game with some 1200 players. That's a lot of balls.

Even When He Eats, It's Funny!

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/02/08 01:00PM

A medical professional must have been on hand at the Chateau Marmont to keep popular silver screen star Kirsten Dunst from busting a gut. The Spider Man star was laughing uncontrollably at the antics of Mac pitchman and ex-flame of Drew Barrymore, Justin Long. Dunst was thoroughly impressed by Long's comedic culinary consumption antics, even going as far as to say that Long is way funnier than "that Charlie Chaplin dude." Long reveled in the attention, even going as far as to moonwalk a piece of chicken into his mouth.

6 startups that fell into Google's "black hole"

Nicholas Carlson · 08/15/08 12:00PM

Click to viewDigg users should be glad merger talks with Google have cooled, writes Slate's Farhad Manjoo. Had Digg fallen into Marissa Mayer's frosting-laced clutches, the site would have probably become another startup lost in what Manjoo calls "the Google Black Hole." It happened to FeedBurner this week. And the RSS ad network, was just the latest, following Jaiku, JotSpot, Dodgeball, GrandCentral, and Measure Map. Their tales of doom in the Googleplex, below.

Those Mormons might be on to something

Jackson West · 06/24/08 06:00PM

Dodgeball founder and departed Googler Dennis Crowley celebrates his 32nd birthday by embracing his sister. Can you suggest a better headline? Do so in the comments. The best one will become the new headline. Yesterday's winner: "Yet another Valley Mashup" by jim_rock. (Photo from Dennis Crowley)

Prepare To Never Again Have A Private Moment At A Bar

Nick Douglas · 06/09/08 02:56PM

The new iPhone will let you broadcast your location to people through a program called Loopt. And because this phone is now just 200 bucks, it'll finally become an industry standard instead of a fringe geek toy. So get ready for the biggest annoying shift in your social life since Facebook, because Loopt is about to do for the world what a little site called Dodgeball did for the Gawker crowd in 2004.

That Time You Met Krucoff Was Actually a Massive Paradigm Shift

Pareene · 03/05/08 06:33PM

Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizing is already set to be 2008's Gladwellian The Long Tailing Point Web 2.0 trend book of the year (especially after every blogger in Manhattan went to its release party). Former Gawker Mascot Andrew Krucoff is totally in the book! Because he was an early adopter of phone-based OG social networking gizmo Dodgeball, you see. Everyone else in the New York media scene signed up for it too, but only to write about it. The Krucoff excerpt, via noted music blog Young Manhattanite, is below, accompanied by a comment from mysterious YM contributer 99 that saves us the trouble of making fun of it.

Googlephone app makers set to take $5 million in funding

Nicholas Carlson · 01/25/08 05:27PM

Venture capital has found its way onto Google's open mobile platform, Android. W2Pi Studios, the company behind WiFiArmy, a videogram written for Android, is set to take $5 million in funding, a company source tells Valleywag. Company president Peter Whatanitch explains the game's premise in the video above. "This game allows you to play a first-person shooter anytime, anywhere." Charming! Anyway, it sounds a lot like Dodgeball to us. And we know how that worked out in Google's hands.

Don't let Google get you, acquired founder says

Nicholas Carlson · 11/16/07 12:47PM

In private moments, Dodgeball cofounder Dennis Crowley will tell any startup entrepreneur in New York asking: Avoid getting acquired by Google. "Sure, he's not upset about the $40 million and he's glad to be dating models," a source close to Crowley told me. "But he's not happy with Google." Not all Google-acquired founders are so bitter. Word is the FeedBurner guys love it at Google. But FeedBurner's best innovations are in advertising, not engineering. Some say the same goes for Google these days. (Photo by rosswerks)

Megan McCarthy · 07/13/07 12:04PM

An addendum to last week's story about the robbery at Dodgeball founder Dennis Crowley's new workplace. Turns out there were actually two transvestite prostitutes who broke into the office, and he has the security camera footage to prove it. [Teen Drama]

Megan McCarthy · 07/09/07 06:48PM

Someone broke into the offices of Area/Code, the startup where founder Dennis Crowley currently works (after bitterly leaving Google just three months ago). Taken were Crowley's laptop, a flatscreen monitor, and a digital camera. Left behind was the transvestite hooker still asleep on the office couch. [Teen Drama]

MyBlogLog to be upgraded and assimilated

Tim Faulkner · 05/14/07 01:32PM

MyBlogLog, the well-received web "widget" that displays images of recent visitors to your site, has re-emerged after being purchased by Yahoo back in January. David Dalka reports that Robyn Tippins, the community manager for MyBlogLog, promises a redesign and several new features.

Aaaaand it's dead.

Nick Douglas · 04/25/07 11:42PM

NICK DOUGLAS — [UPDATE: It's alive! Dodgeball is the Terry Schiavo of Web 2.0!] Sometimes a product just dies, horribly and suddenly, as if it were unlucky enough to be under a falling piano, stepping into an empty elevator shaft, getting smacked upside the head with a very large rock. It seems that's the fate of Dodgeball, the text-based find-your-friends-at-the-bar service that Google bought in 2005 and promptly abandoned. As of today, the front page is just a "502 server error" (a friend tells me that means the backend server, which actually handles page requests, is dead).