Jail-Dad Rock: True Life: I Have a Parent in Prison

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 03/30/10 01:19PM

Having lived his whole life with his father incarcerated, True Life's Austin is understandably excited and worried when he hears of an early parole. Both are unsure as father and son, their relationship hitherto limited to letter-writing and visiting hours.

The BBC Exposes Reality TV's Trickery

Kirk · 01/06/10 12:55PM

The BBC's Charlie Brooker provides a very clear explanation of the deceptiveness and tomfoolery inherent in the process of reality TV editing.

Neil Young Fans Suddenly Love War

ian spiegelman · 06/14/08 12:00PM

Despite four decades of feverishly anti-establishment rocking by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, fans are showing up at concerts and booing the rock veterans for performing anti-war tunes. They've even been mraching out en masse in protest against songs like "Ohio" and "Military Madness." "The forthcoming documentary 'CSNY: Deja Vu' charts that friction, portraying fans who saluted the group's efforts and those who felt betrayed by them, while introducing viewers to Iraqi War vets who are now protesting the war as musicians, politicians and social workers. Directed by Young and due in theaters July 25, the film blends concert and behind-the-scenes footage with short news features created by CNN correspondent Mike Cerre."

Neurotic Writers Discuss Hell Bar

ian spiegelman · 06/07/08 05:18AM

Finally a clip from that Siberia documentary in which pretty much every newspaper scribe in NYC waxes nostalgic about the dirty little basement bar that killed them. Special guest star, one former Page Sixer who seriously should never appear on camera, ever.

The Internet Has Doomed Us All, says 'Frontline'

Joshua David Stein · 01/22/08 07:03AM

The internet which is what you are reading this sentence on is often heralded as a vast network of information. In fact, not only is it heralded as that but it is that! But does information make anyone smarter? The New York Times, in reviewing a new documentary by the stellar and usually deeply depressing program Frontline on the internet and youth called Growing Up Online, thinks perhaps not. Chilling quote from an internet-savvy child that will still your fervent and feeble hope that the liberal arts will still be around in twenty years are the jump.