Bill O'Reilly Promises More Meltdowns

Ryan Tate ยท 05/15/08 04:35AM

On his show last night, Bill O'Reilly addressed the hubub over his old "Do it now!" meltdown, which has resurfaced on the internet. The Fox News host approached the topic with a sense of humor โ€” how else could he play this, really, without looking like the same angry guy he was in the dated clip? โ€” but also very briefly, and without the actual, unflattering footage. But O'Reilly did slip in an interesting, probably not entirely untrue joke about how he's had annual explosions since he joined Fox. And he offered to sell them. Someone, please, take this man at his word and at least try to buy some previously unseen footage, so we can all laugh some more with Bill about how charming and unharmful his on-camera rages really are.