Bono Cannot Stop Writing About Himself

Hamilton Nolan · 12/01/11 01:30PM

Bono. This guy. The guy from U2. But you probably know him for being the world's all-around best human. He's not just some rock star that groupies want to bang; he's some rock star who's always writing op-eds about Serious World Issues, which makes an entirely new set of groupies want to bang him.

Teen-Talking Public Service Campaigns Are So Gay Nice

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/08 08:35AM

"You are so gay. Shut up gaymar and stop being so gay, because what you are is gay—so gay." You probably find yourself saying this several times per day without even thinking about it, particularly if you are a member of the critical "youth" demographic. It's just how teenagers talk! They are so gay. Well, the do-gooders at the nonprofit Ad Council are about to attack you with a massive ad campaign designed to stifle your gay-talking tendencies. Could this possibly work?

Real-Life 'Heroes' Bravely Call Attention To Selves

Pareene · 10/29/07 01:10PM

Columbia Student and "independent filmmaker" Chaim Lazaros founded "Superheroes Anonymous" in order to collect and exploit a disparate group of costumed do-gooders from across the country. Unlike "real" superheroes, who often have extraordinary powers and act as violent vigilantes, flying in the face of the law, these people mostly put on funny capes, meet one another on MySpace, and then go pick up trash in Times Square.