Florida's Best Banned License Plates

Lauri Apple · 09/30/11 05:15AM

Recently the California Department of Motor Vehicles released a list of 100 vanity plates they rejected as part of their efforts to keep California classy. Not to be outdone, Florida's DMV has released its own list of banned plates—and it's way more scatological and private-partcentric than California's.

California DMV Shuts Down After Student Crashes Into It

Seth Abramovitch · 07/27/11 02:01AM

If you're going to fail your driving test, you might as well go out with a bang — and a crash, directly into the Department of Motor Vehicles. That's what happened to a male driving student (not the one pictured) who rammed his car into the side of the Roseville, Ca., DMV on Monday evening when he accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake.

Phone Sex Takes Over DMV's Old Phone Number

Maureen O'Connor · 09/17/10 03:28PM

1-800-DIAL-DMV used to connect you to New York State's Department of Motor Vehicles. Now it directs people to a lady who moans, "You're so big baby, wanna pull it out and watch it explode all over my beautiful backside?"

DC Area Chooses Appropriate Nickname

Hamilton Nolan · 07/30/10 10:35AM

Lots of cities choose nicknames that are "appealing" or "attractive." Not Washington, DC. No, Washington—a.k.a The District, a.k.a The Urrrea, a.k.a. The Once And Future Murder Capital—has smartly named itself after a ferociously unpopular bureaucracy.

'Bioch' and 'Eat Ass': A Tale of Two Hilarious DMV Snafus

Adrian Chen · 05/19/10 06:30PM

There are few things funnier than bureaucratic mix-ups that result in vulgar things appearing on official documents. Today brings two hilarious DMV mistakes which resulted in "biotch" and "eat ass" on a license plate and a driver's license, respectively!

Terrorist Threat of the Day: The Yonkers DMV

John Cook · 02/24/10 03:34PM

There's a reason everyone at the DMV treats you like shit: You're not paying them $7,000! For that nominal sum, customers at the Yonkers, N.Y., DMV—even Pakistanis on the no-fly list—could get licenses based on stolen identities.