Lil Wayne Throws the Mic and Storms Off After DJ Fucks Up His Song

Jay Hathaway · 03/13/15 02:05PM

Lil Wayne really can't catch a break this week. On top of his ongoing battle with Cash Money Records over the release of his next album, he's apparently been the victim of a persistent troll: someone falsely reported a mass shooting at his home and booked him an unwanted appointment with a prostitute. At times like these, at least he can still get on stage and everything'll be alright for an hour or so.

"Harlem Shake" Creator Insists His Viral Smash Hasn't Made Him Money

Camille Dodero · 08/19/13 06:11AM

Baauer is the 24-year-old trap-rave producer whose future-crunk behemoth “Harlem Shake” soundtracked Norwegian army drills, morning-show derp squads, school suspensions, an FAA investigation, a fiery fall, and a mass stabbing among perhaps a zillion other flash-mob dancing demonstrations, thanks to a craze perhaps orchestrated by corporations. But despite debuting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 after chart rules changed to incorporate YouTube streams, the Brooklyn-based DJ insists that his best-known smash hasn't directly earned him money. How could that be?

Why Does deadmau5 Request a 5-Foot Tall Inflatable Animal in His Rider?

Rich Juzwiak · 06/22/12 03:40PM

The great American pastime of reading musicians' touring demands now encompasses the current crop of electronic producer/DJs under the stylistic umbrella of "EDM." The blog EDMsnob has leaked a host of riders from the likes of David Guetta, Afrojack, Paul Van Dyk, DJ Pauly D and current Rolling Stone cover mask-wearer deadmau5. Some of these are years old, and most of them are not unreasonable at all, but there are amusing tidbits to be gleaned. Here are a few:

It's a Bad Time to Be a Clear Channel DJ

Hamilton Nolan · 10/28/11 08:33AM

Remember how the newspaper industry was devastated by the fundamental shift in media consumption habits driven by the internet, and the music industry was devastated by the fundamental shift in media consumption habits driven by the internet? Yes, well. The radio industry is also being devastated by the fundamental shift in media consumption habits driven by the internet. FYI.

10 Party Songs We Never Ever Want to Hear Again

Brian Moylan · 07/14/10 12:29PM

It's summer! Everyone is having barbecues, weddings, and other soundtrack-mandatory gatherings. When you reach into your iTunes library to cue up a get-the-party-started tune, don't you dare pull up one of these jams, or we just might kill you.

This Old Lady Knows What Kids Like

Richard Lawson · 03/05/10 03:42PM

Move over rapping granny! Here's DJing granny. DJ Ruth Flowers (Flowaz?) is a Parisian party sensation who discovered her love of spinning at her grandson's birthday party. She wears funky light-blocker sunglasses and is way cooler than you. [via Gawker.TV]

The New York Times is Not Amused by Jesus (Luz)

Foster Kamer · 11/29/09 08:30PM

The mysterious enigma that is Jesus (Luz), Madonna's 22 year-old Brazilian model/DJ boyfriend, got the Sunday Styles profile treatment this weekend. It is, in a word: hysterical.

Yesterday's Handbag Designer Is Today's DJ

cityfile · 11/12/09 01:11PM

Have you noticed that more and more social scenesters, models, and offspring of the rich and famous have morphed into DJs? It's a trend, as W points out:

Wendy Williams Still Making Everybody Mad

Hamilton Nolan · 06/12/08 12:08PM

You can look at Wendy Williams, the loud queen of hip hop talk radio, in two ways: she is popular, in the sense that her show is still one of the biggest things on the radio dial; but she's also not popular, in the sense that her crazy husband runs around her studio hiring hitmen, sexually harassing the female employees, and generally acting like a gangster, according to a new lawsuit from a traumatized publicist. Williams denies it all, including the claim that her husband slammed her up against the wall because she failed to stop smoking. But one thing she can't deny: she is mean. In 2006 she told everybody on air about how Wu-Tang rapper Method Man's wife had cancer—which was private. Method Man responded with one of the most sincere anti-gossip rants in recent history:

Million-Whatever Marches Getting Out Of Control

Hamilton Nolan · 05/01/08 01:58PM

Not that we have to remind you, but you should be making your preparations now to attend the August 30 "Million DJ March" in Washington, DC. One million DJs—a number equal to almost all of the DJs in Williamsburg—will "descend on Washington to celebrate decades of service to the entertainment industry." And what worthier cause could there be?