Twenty Years of Quentin Tarantino Characters Saying "Nigger" in Twenty Minutes

Alex Pareene · 12/24/15 01:00PM

Earlier this week, Rich Juzwiak published a deeply-researched history of director Quentin Tarantino’s love affair with the word “nigger,” a word he has always used liberally in his screenplays. Juzwiak unearthed and examined twenty years worth of Tarantino’s varied and contradictory defenses of his use of the word. He also produced this video, a supercut of every instance of a character in a Tarantino-written film (through 2012’s Django Unchained) saying it. It’s a very long supercut.

The Complete History of Quentin Tarantino Saying "Nigger"

Rich Juzwiak · 12/21/15 02:00PM

No contemporary white public figure has a more involved relationship to the word “nigger” than Quentin Tarantino. He’s used it in screenplays since the beginning of his directing career, he’s been criticized (and defended) by black peers for it, and he’s explained his rationale for it several times in a variety of ways. Americans are obsessed with the word “nigger,” a semantic memento of our country’s shameful founding legacy. But few white artists seem to me more obsessed than Tarantino.

Rich Juzwiak · 11/21/13 05:08PM

"I'm just happy things like that get made and people are employed. Otherwise they wouldn't be working. At least it brought things into consciousness. So I can't really knock it." - 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen on Django Unchained. Given his preceding comments, this counts as #shade.

White Gun Nuts Want to Arm Black People and Ask: What Would Django Do?

Cord Jefferson · 01/25/13 04:08PM

Political Media, the right-wing organization behind last weekend's "Gun Appreciation Day," which ultimately resulted in several accidental shootings, has reportedly decided to branch out in an effort to attract more blacks to its cause. The plan? "What Would Django Do?": a campaign that asks black people to look to the heavily armed and ceaselessly murderous hero from Quentin Tarantino's latest film when considering purchasing a firearm.

Why Is the Drudge Report Covered in 'N*GGER'? The Coming Right-Wing Freakout Over Django Unchained

Max Read · 12/12/12 03:30PM

If you aren't naturally attuned to the frequency at which internet conservatives are currently shaking with rage, you might've been surprised when you visited right-wing aggregation site the Drudge Report this morning and were confronted with the following headline, in 40-point type: "'N*GGER. N*GGER. N*GGER. N*GGER. N*GGER. N*GGER. N*GGER.'" Clicking on the headline wouldn't satisfy your confusion: it linked to The Hollywood Reporter's review of Quentin Tarantino's new slave-revenge movie Django Unchained — a review that barely touches on the word's use in the movie. It's just a review.

The First Stills from Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained Are Here

Neetzan Zimmerman · 04/26/12 08:36AM

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first promotional stills from Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Western film, Django Unchained. The image above shows the movie's protagonist, Django, played by Jamie Foxx, striding beside Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), a German bounty hunter who teams up with Django to hunt down the freed slave's former owners, the Brittle Brothers.

Kevin Costner Rescued by Quentin Tarantino

Richard Lawson · 07/18/11 04:59PM

A faded American favorite is getting a second chance, from the famous giver of second chances. Also today: bad news about Charlie Sheen, good news about a ghost story, and Breaking Bad breaks out.

Chace Crawford Wants to Be Taken Seriously

Richard Lawson · 06/08/11 03:23PM

The Gossip Girl star would like some awards recognition, please. Also today: Leo DiCaprio taps into his murderous side, yet another CSI departure, and a Noah's Ark movie might be imminent.