Hamilton Nolan · 11/20/14 02:19PM

Seven student activists are suing Harvard University to try to force the school to divest from fossil fuels, citing among other things the risk of "future damage to the university's physical campus as a result of sea level rise."

The City of Portland Is Divesting From Walmart

Hamilton Nolan · 05/16/14 11:34AM

Yesterday, Walmart announced weak earnings in the past quarter. The company blamed the weather. It might do better to blame itself. Walmart's reputation is now so toxic that a major American city is purging itself of investments in the company.

Harvard Goes Too Far in Rejecting Divestment

Hamilton Nolan · 10/04/13 10:10AM

There has been a growing movement of late to push colleges and universities to get rid of all their investments in fossil fuels, in the same way they were pushed to divest from holdings in apartheid South Africa a generation ago. Harvard has answered: no thx.

Are Hedge Funds Detrimental to College Idealism?

Hamilton Nolan · 09/06/13 10:14AM

College endowments are much flashier than they used to be. They frequently reach into the billions of dollars; they attract top investing talent; and, most notably, the majority of their money is in "alternative" investments like private equity and hedge funds. Is this hurting students' ability to be proper idealists?

What Should Colleges Invest In?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/17/13 11:58AM

The precocious and progressive young students of Swarthmore College are currently urging their school to completely rid itself of any investments in fossil fuels. The school pointed out that this move could potentially raise each student's tuition costs by $13,000 per year. Is there any way to make divestment work?