STV · 08/04/08 04:25PM

Adventures in Procrastination: We might have found just the thing to make these long, early August weekdays tolerable: the Parallel Universe Film Guide, a sort-of comprehensive database of movies bearing uncanny likenesses to classics and not-so-classics cataloged by IMDB. We're stunned to find new favorites like 1972's The Lovablest Mafia Family in the World, the 1985 culture clash Suddenly Amish, the award-winning drama My Wild Irish Invalid and the unfinished silent classic The Night Jerker among many others, all neatly cross-referenced by star, director and even memorable quotes. If you can browse the PUFG and manage to get any more work done today, then you're just not paying attention. [PUFG via Snobsite]

Lindsay Lohan Enlists Fake Firecrotch In Attempt To Hide Rekindled Ronson Love Connection

Mark Graham · 02/18/08 02:24PM

Despite the recent appearance of Lindsay Lohan's Sober Face (not to mention her Sober Nipples), there are a few disturbing indications that the Ghosts Of Cokepants Past are re-entering her life. The all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of TMZ caught Lohan enjoying the sabbath with some close friends at Villa last night (we're guessing they weren't watching the NBA All-Star Game). But when it came time to call it an evening, Lindsay's posse pulled a page from the Scooby Doo playbook in an attempt to fool the paparazzi into thinking she had already left the club: namely, they created a diversion.