Cory and Topanga Smile Upon Child They Created via Sex (for TV)

Caity Weaver · 06/17/13 03:15PM

Proving once and for all that people who pray for Boy Meets World sequels pray harder than people who pray for an end to world hunger, God has answered the cry of His most highly favored children: the Disney channel announced Monday that it had ordered a full series of Girl Meets World, the much-hyped follow-up to its 1990s TGIF bildungsroman.

There Is a TV Show Called Dog with a Blog and It's About a Dog Who Blogs

Adrian Chen · 11/05/12 02:31PM

What if the basketball-playing dog from Air Bud had no athletic skills or talent, other than making quips on the internet? He would be the star of Disney Channel's new sitcom, Dog with a Blog, which is about a dog who is also a blogger. After more than 15 years, bloggers have reached the level of pop culture acceptance that comes with having a dog do their jobs for comedic effect.

Today's Moms Want TV to Raise Their Children for Them

Richard Lawson · 11/04/10 03:37PM

The president of Disney Channels Worldwide, the fearsomely named Carolina Lightcap, recently announced that the new Disney Junior channel, for kids ages 2-7, won't focus so much on academic education as social skills and behavior lessons. That's what moms want.

Disney Channel Now Boasts At Least One Teen Virgin

seth · 09/27/07 05:05PM

It's not for nothing that youth-skewed cable network The Disney Channel has long been referred to by their competition as "Mickey's Little Tramp Factory," having churned out a steady stream of them since its 1983 launch. Its latest vixenish graduate, High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, was recently caught traipsing nakedly across the internets and into the hard drives of countless hormonally charged tweens and pervy MySpace users posing as such.