What Is Your Hometown's Most Disgusting Delicacy?

Andy Cush · 04/23/15 03:02PM

As Americans, we are all partisans for the oddities and specialties of our own local cuisines. You can get a bagel anywhere, but only in New York are they great; you’re lucky to find a Goo Goo Cluster at all outside of Nashville. But the good stuff is boring—what makes your stomach turn?

This Week in Vomiting

Mallory Ortberg · 01/05/13 03:08PM

It's hard to believe that only yesterday io9 introduced us to "Vomiting Larry,", the mannequin-like robot designed to vomit on command "not just forcefully, but in an anatomically accurate fashion." In some ways it feels like old Larry's been with us for years, teaching us all how to vomit correctly. But he's not just a novelty vomiting robot; he's here to help scientists stop the spread of the stomach flu:

Time to Think About Sex With Grandma

Hamilton Nolan · 12/16/11 11:25AM

Next time you're in the grocery store agonizing over which brand of molasses to buy, remember: Crosby's Molasses is the molasses brand that forces you to think about fucking an elderly woman. Again, that's Crosby's Molasses, for grandmother sex.

No One Knows How Deadly Froot Loops Are

Hamilton Nolan · 08/02/10 11:53AM

If you're like me, you may have just *assumed* that if a chemical is being manufactured in large quantities and placed in your breakfast cereal, there would be *some* evidence that it will not kill you. Not true at all!

Stephen Colbert Shows Us Something We Cannot Unsee

Mike Byhoff · 12/08/09 04:14PM

Last night on Colbert's "the craziest f**king thing I've ever heard," was a creature found in New Jersey that attaches itself to an animal's tongue and feeds off it. We're pretty sure it's called a Snooki.


Hamilton Nolan · 04/01/09 02:31PM

God, it's hard enough to convince someone to buy and consume a product called "John West Tuna&Beans." This ad just makes it harder. Everyone involved in this product's conception, manufacturing, or advertising should be fired.

Christ, What?

Hamilton Nolan · 08/15/08 02:08PM

Usually you think of cultural standards becoming more relaxed over time. Like, we tolerate media allusions to kinky sex better today than we would 30 years ago. But was there really ever a time when pedophilia was an acceptable advertising technique? Apparently yes, in 1970's cosmetics!:

The Unspeakable Horror Of Apligraf

Hamilton Nolan · 02/19/08 04:24PM

There's a new product in the wound-care field called Apligraf, which is running direct-to-consumer ads right now about its breakthrough new technology. Put it on a non-healing wound, and it heals faster. That's nice. But Apligraf is also the Most. Disgusting. New. Product. That has ever been launched. It has a secret: (in a Soylent Green scream) IT"S PEOPLE! APLIGRAF IS PEOPLE! And, my god, it gets even worse: