Will Miley Cyrus' Bong Rip Ruin Salvia for the Rest of Us?

Adrian Chen · 12/11/10 11:31AM

Miley Cyrus may get salvia banned. Michael Jackson's autopsy is not something we'd want to see. Michael Lohan gets botox but forgets child payments. Nicole Richie's getting married. Saturday gossip roundup can't move its face.

President Obama Outsources Death Ray Research to the Mythbusters

Henry Baker · 12/09/10 09:00AM

On last night's Mythbusters, our beleaguered commander in chief visited to lay down a gauntlet for Jamie and Adam. Their task? Build a working version of Archimedes' solar ray to defeat terrorism... or teach kids about science or something.

Deadliest Catch Employee Trapped in Giant Drug Sting

Brian Moylan · 05/07/10 10:49AM

Matthew Schneider, a 22-year-old production manager who worked on the show, is one of many charged in a drug bust in Alaskan fishing center Unalaska. He is still on the run, and he's implicated other show employees of drug running.

The Woman With 15 Personalities Takes Inner-Conflict to a New Level

Zach Mack · 05/05/10 11:18AM

Meet Paula, a woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. As a result of serious abuse and psychological trauma as a child, she now shares 15 distinctly different personalities within one body, and they can emerge without warning.

BBC's Life Humbles Even the Mighty Oprah

Mike Byhoff · 03/21/10 10:12PM

A grand, sweeping overview of the inhabitants of our world, Life picks up right where Planet Earth left off. It's a show that makes one happy to own a TV. And it's also narrated by Oprah!

Deadliest Catch Caught a Death on Tape

Brian Moylan · 02/17/10 01:25PM

A producer for Discovery's morbid crab fishing show tells Entertainment Weekly that the captain came out of a coma and ordered the crew to keep filming him on his death bed. But is this really what Phil Harris wanted?