Obama Secretly Partied With Bill Ayers Last Summer

J.K. Trotter · 02/12/15 03:10PM

On Aug. 30, 2014, MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner and former White House chef Sam Kass got married at a private wedding north of New York City. It was widely reported at the time that President Obama, a longtime friend of the groom, attended the ceremony with his family. There were two other notable guests, however, whose attendance has been successfully kept secret: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the former campus radicals whose loose association with the Obama family over the years has inspired countless Fox News fever-dreams and led to Sarah Palin’s famous accusation that Obama “pal[s] around with terrorists.”

Graydon Carter: 'An Amazing Fuck'

Hamilton Nolan · 04/06/09 10:51AM

What sort of fucker is Vanity Fair's George Washingtonesque editor Graydon Carter? An amazing one, according to a man who once stayed in a hotel room directly under his, listening:

Print Cycle Too Slow for Literary Dating Whirl

Sheila · 06/05/08 11:47AM

It's lucky for Russia! magazine that former Gawker and new NYT Magazine covergirl Emily Gould has already split up with Russian-born novelist and n+1 editor Keith Gessen. Otherwise, they'd be in trouble! Out now in their new issue is Gould's profile of Russian-American writers—including Gessen.

Simon Rich 'Physically Incapable' Of Growing Solidarity Strike Beard

Maggie · 01/08/08 01:59PM

Three guesses as to the identity of the anonymous S.N.L. staffer describing himself this week in the New Yorker's "Talk of the Town" as being "physically incapable of growing a strike beard, or any beard." You really only need one guess—ours is that it's 22-year-old boy wonder Simon Rich, son of Times heavyset heavyweight Frank Rich. Isn't he just positively adorable? Ordering a drink must be a complete nightmare for him. You have to admire the New Yorker for its diligent commitment to pursuing a diverse range of sources. It would be so simple to take the easy way out and gather quotes from friends and colleagues. Like, say, for instance, contributors to the magazine's "Shouts & Murmurs" column!

Emily Gould · 12/05/07 05:00PM

The 'full disclosure of the week' this week comes from multitasker Kurt Andersen's 'Imperial City' column in New York mag: "I want to see Giuliani's presidential campaign harmed; don't you? (And I'll relish even more any exposure of [Fox News founder Roger] Ailes, who—full disclosure—once threatened to send a camera crew to stalk my 3- and 5-year-old children in preemptive retaliation for a magazine story I was writing about his man Rush Limbaugh.)" [NY]

'Voice' And 'Vanity Fair' Are Tag Teaming Rudy Giuliani

Maggie · 11/28/07 06:00PM

Today's Village Voice featuresa huge Giuliani story by Rudy's own personal nemesis, Wayne Barrett. According to Barrett, Giuliani's consulting contracts in the Middle East have him doing business with some close friends of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, one of the masterminds of 9/11. Not exactly the kind of association America's Mayor wants made public five weeks before the Iowa caucuses! But the Voice isn't the only media outlet turning up the heat on Giuliani in time for primary season.

Al Gore III Enjoys Partaking Of Cannabis

Emily Gould · 07/05/07 11:10AM

This morning on the subway I actually LOLed at the Post article about Al Gore's son's pot and pills arrest: "Being the former vice president's son did little to blunt the charges." Ha! But then, I always laugh at pot jokes because I used to be a huge pothead until, um, about two weeks ago. Anyway, the Post's other zingers included the headline "Gore son at 'high' speeds," "the hybrid car was green in more ways than one," and "Call it an inconvenient toke." They're not leaving us much to work with, are they? Still, I hope you'll give it a shot. Personally, I can't think of anything. Must be cause of all that pot I used to smoke.

Gore Son at 'High' Speeds [NYP]
[Photo: Good Mag [Flickr]