My Conflict

Tom Scocca · 02/15/16 04:10PM

Disclosure: From roughly 2000 through 2008, half or more of my household income came from my wife’s direct employment with Bill or Hillary Clinton. Toward the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency, she worked at the White House Domestic Policy Council; after that, she became a legislative aide working on health policy in the newly opened office of Hillary Clinton in the Senate; finally she worked for the Clinton Foundation, establishing its HIV/AIDS program in China.

It's Time for Apple to End the Code of Silence

Ryan Tate · 01/17/11 08:05PM

Steve Jobs is taking time off to recuperate again. No one knows when the CEO, and indispensable soul of Apple, is coming back. But three medical leaves make it clear Apple should finally give investors real information about Jobs' health.

New Rules for Media Ethics

Hamilton Nolan · 11/11/10 12:36PM

After the absurd spectacle of one of TV's most partisan shouting heads being suspended for making political donations, it's clear that the time has come for journalism's ethical guidelines to be updated, in the spirit of common sense. Let's try!

WSJ Secretly Quotes Editor's Own Employee In Page One Yoga Story

Hamilton Nolan · 07/24/08 01:20PM

It seemed strange that the Wall Street Journal-so concerned about beating the competition in hard news-would choose for a Page One story today a piece on business people who do yoga. Really, WSJ? It's a pretty standard, low-hanging "take a trend, and add business angle" story that might have more rightly been in the back pages. But their work had this added benefit: a WSJ editor owns her own yoga studio, and one of her employees gives great on-the-money quotes: Tina Gaudoin was brought over to the WSJ from the UK early this year to edit the paper's upcoming "lifestyle magazine." She's also the owner of Triyoga, a chain of yoga studios in the UK. And she used to tout that fact over and over again in her column! Which tends to go over less well in the US than in the UK. Still, it was so hard for the WSJ to find a good yoga-as-business quote that they ended up using this one, from Claire Missingham (pictured):

Wired Drug Writer Has His Own Drug Expertise

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/08 11:38AM

Remember that Wired article about the various pluses and minuses of drug use that got the Times' panties all in a bunch about whether it would actually "promote drugs?" It was a stupid controversy over a relatively innocuous drug story. The Wired piece didn't deserve criticism for its content, but it might have been served by some disclosure; the author of it, Mathew Honan, is a reformed cokehead. That fact didn't appear in Wired, but on Honan's own blog:

CNN Lifts Begala Ban?

Pareene · 02/06/08 09:28AM

There on CNN last night, with Bill Bennett and David Gergen and other ghosts of administrations yore, was Paul Begala, commenting on the race, explaining that only rich people and the media like Barack Obama, while poor people all vote for Hillary. (He probably meant to specify poor white people but that's not the point.) He was identified, as always, as a "Democratic strategist." Not "former Clinton aide who's unofficially advising Hillary." So the on-air ban until there's actually a Dem nominee only applied to Carville? [Earlier]

Create Your Hybrid

Chrissie Lamond · 06/12/07 02:35PM

Ever dream of having your own personal Gawkmodo, Kotak09, or Jalopspin. Well now you can! Gawker Media and Toyota Prius bring you this new custom hybrid functionality. No more shifting between Gawker Media titles - users can now elect to read their favorite content from any combination of Gawker titles, all on one page. Get started now and create a hybrid.