Substitute Sadist

Caity Weaver · 02/22/12 07:57PM

There's no denying that, for the most part, having a substitute teacher is pretty fantastic.

Four NYPD Cops Punished for Being Friendly to Little Boy

Lauri Apple · 09/19/11 08:45AM

NYPD Officers Catherine Guzman and Mariana Diaz and two of their colleagues were disciplined for tossing a football to a little boy they encountered in a Bronx housing project, and now Guzman and Diaz are complaining that their punishment was unfair. It sure was—they should have all been fired.

Texas Schools Just Suspending Everyone on Principle

Hamilton Nolan · 07/19/11 04:10PM

If we didn't have statistical research on educational techniques, we'd never make breakthroughs like "Maybe we should stop beating children." And if we didn't have the state of Texas, we'd never have angry internet commenters passionately arguing that their state is about much more than dying while raping elderly women. Put these two dynamics together, and what do you get? A new report on how maybe Texas' "expel everyone" discipline plan should be re-examined.

Boy's Romantic Prom Invite Gets Him Banned from Prom

Richard Lawson · 05/11/11 11:49AM

Aw, talk about a Gift of the Magi-type situation (sort of). A senior at Shelton High School in Connecticut wanted to make a grand gesture when inviting his "good friend" (riiiight) to the prom, but now that gesture has gotten him banned from the very prom he hoped to attend.

How to Control Your Teen's Facebook Activity

Hamilton Nolan · 01/12/11 03:23PM

The young man seen here was apparently caught bragging about gang-banging activities, on Facebook. His uncle decided to whup his ass with a belt, live on video. Here is what strong social media boundary-setting looks like. Parents, take note.

Texas Teacher Totally Whomps Some Little Kid

Hamilton Nolan · 05/13/10 02:01PM

Houston charter school teacher Sheri Lynn Davis is under investigation after this crazy video of her beating a student surfaced this week. The investigation will find that she is crazily insane. And that charter schools are the future! Video below.