Why Won't Oprah Tape Her Show In Egypt?

Adrian Chen · 03/04/11 04:58PM

Egyptians, still flush with victory in their street protests, were thrilled by an announcement even more exciting than the news that Mubarak was stepping down: According to Egypt's new tourism minister, Egypt had invited Oprah to broadcast a show from Cairo's Tahrir square and had accepted, "without hesitation."

Machete Gets All Political and Stuff

Richard Lawson · 08/30/10 12:05PM

An early review of Robert Rodriguez's Mexploitation flick Machete indicates that the movie is both silly and heavy-handed: "it feigns outrageousness while too often opting to earnestly indulge in ... sincere political sermonizing." But, yeah, Lohan's naked, so. [Slant, via]

"I Killed Someone! But, Um, Not Really."

Richard Lawson · 05/13/08 09:10AM

So, sigh. I could focus on how dismayingly anticlimactic last night's Gossip Girl was. I mean, we had the whizbang cliff-hanger about murder from last week's episode. The show was on the up! Things were happening! And then, like the rushing downturn ("wunnnh") of music that came as Serena uttered her immortal line, we (or at least I) saw all that energy deflate last night. It was... just a drug overdose. Everyone knows about it now and Serena was totes not to blame. Plus mama Lily managed to, um, get in touch with the family of the dead guy on the same night that Serena told her and cart her over to their house to apologize. How exactly did that conversation go? "Hi there, I have the girl who left your son to die here with me. Yeah, she's my daughter. We're in the car, can we swing by? Great. See you in ten." That just felt terribly rushed and silly. OK. So. That's that. That was the bad (well, some of it). But in the spirit of absolutely everyone's forgiving natures last night, I'll instead point out some positives, after the jump.