Help Find This Missing Woman

ian spiegelman · 09/05/08 08:45PM

You might have seen this plea and this message on many, many webpages this weekend. 23-year-old school teacher Hannah E. Upp went missing from her Harlem apartment on Friday and police are looking for anything that might lead them to her. Click through for a larger photo. If you have seen her or heard anything about her, please call Det. Perez at the 30th Precinct, at 212-690-8842, or at 212-690-8843. Someone must have seen or heard something. You do not have to give your name to give your information. Please step up and tell what you know. This is actually important. And anyone using this thread to make a certain old complaint about the media and missing people, you'll get banned instantly.

International Adventurer May Have Faked His Own Death

ian spiegelman · 07/27/08 03:54PM

Celebrated flyboy and action man Steve Fossett, who mysteriously disappeared flying over Nevada last September, really might have faked his own death, according to investigators from the U.S. military and Fossett's insurance carrier. "But now the official search spokeswoman, Lieutenant Colonel Cynthia Ryan of the US Civil Air Patrol, has told the News of the World she believes he may NOT have crashed. She said: 'Anything is possible. There are a lot of raised eyebrows- even more so now. I know very few people here, friends in law enforcement, that buy this story like the rest of the world has.'" The evidence, after the jump.