Hamilton Nolan · 07/30/15 09:54AM

Forty years ago today, Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa went out to lunch and disappeared forever. Do you know where he is? If so, tell us. We could use a good story right about now.

Where In the World Is Jesse Jackson Jr.? [UPDATE]

John Cook · 07/11/12 03:30PM

Seriously, do you know? He's been missing since June. We mentioned last week that he's probably in rehab (also that he's a callow scion who owes everything to the circumstances of his birth, something a lot of you disagreed with!), but that his staff and family are still resolutely refusing to tell his constituents what's going on. His father vigorously denied a report that he'd attempted suicide, insisting that he's just "regaining his strength." An anonymous friend told a Chicago radio station that "he doesn't get a lot of sleep and he has sleep disorders." What do you think? Drugs? Suicide? Chronic illness he wants to keep secret?

Michaele Salahi Is Missing!

Richard Lawson · 09/14/11 12:00PM

Sound the alarm! Alert the authorities that haven't already been alerted! Michaele Salahi, White House party-crasher turned temporary Real Housewives star, has maybe been abducted, claims her husband.

Creepy Travel Companion Held in Aruba Vanishing Case

Seth Abramovitch · 08/10/11 02:46AM

Here's some Nancy Grace-nip you'll be hearing a lot more about in the coming weeks: Robyn Gardner is a 35-year-old Maryland woman who took off recently on a vacation to Aruba with a man she barely knew: Gary Giordano, 50, also from Maryland, whom she had met online. Gardner has been missing since last Tuesday, and Giordano — who it turns out has a criminal record and a history of domestic violence—is now in custody.

Teacher Leaves Message on Blackboard, Disappears

Hamilton Nolan · 01/27/11 05:28PM

Debra Schmitt, a recently divorced high school teacher in San Rafael, California, didn't show up for class last Thursday. Students found the message "Thank you everyone" on the blackboard, but no teacher. She hasn't been seen since. Ominous. [AP]