Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/23/14 09:35PM

Maybe digital money isn't such a bad idea. Researchers recently found more than 3,000 types of bacteria growing on $1 bills, including species that linked to acne, staph infections, and antibiotic resistance. And that's just the tip of the petri dish—only about 20 percent of the bacteria was identifiable.

Nine Awesome Songs (and One Great Mix) You Didn't Hear in 2011

Max Read · 12/29/11 10:32AM

Boy, 2011: there sure was a lot of music, wasn't there? A lot of good music, even! But probably not even you, Cool Internet Guy, who heard all the cool and good music, have listened to all of it. It's okay! Here are ten great music things from this year that you should have heard—and for some reason didn't.