Eight-Year-Old Nails Dirty Dancing Routine Like a Baby Patrick Swayze

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/14/14 08:00PM

It's fairly hard to sit still when the groan-worthy song from Dirty Dancing starts playing, but this lil' Patrick Swayze wannabe takes it to a whole other level with his exuberant Catskills-dance-instructor-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks performance.

Dirty Dancing Is the Next Thing to Be Ruined

Richard Lawson · 08/09/11 05:36PM

As Hollywood is, duh, out of ideas, they're digging up a 24-year-old classic. Also today: the Smurfs will rise again, Mirielle Enos finally gets out of Seattle, and good news for Sarah Chalke.

Execs Appalled As Cloris Leachman Becomes Sanjaya-Like Threat to 'Dancing with the Stars'

Kyle Buchanan · 10/23/08 03:45PM

It's a bad time to be backstage at ABC: not even twenty-four hours after word broke about behind-the-scenes in-fighting at The View, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting similar agita over at Dancing with the Stars, where the tyrannical Cloris Leachman has proven impossible to send home. It appears the producers and fellow dancers are firmly on Team Florence Henderson, as they're tired of the 82-year-old Leachman evading the ax simply by hamming it up for the cameras. "She has a Quentin Tarantino role to get to," they cry! "Does she need anything else?"

Joshua Stein · 11/13/07 04:50PM

Of the few honorees who actually took three hours out of their day to eat overcooked chicken at Tavern on the Green during the Min awards was Atoosa Rubenstein, one of their year's most Intriguing people. She was asked to relay the best advice of her life. "The best advice wasn't intended for me and it wasn't meant to be advice. But it was Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing: 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner,'" she said, before heading back to her table in the far corner of the dining room.

mark · 08/16/07 03:12PM

Be warned, unauthorized apparel makers who'd like to place Dirty Dancing's famous "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" line on a cute t-shirt, for Lionsgate will sue you back to 1987 for trademark infringement. However, the studio has yet to file a suit over the use of the film's other signature line, "Just put your pickle on everybody's plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me," which has appeared in countless works of pornography since the movie's release. [THR ESQ]