Perennial Ratings Loser Damages Scooped Up by DirecTV

Kenneth Gibson · 07/22/10 10:00AM

What do you do when your critically acclaimed show that costs loads to produce is watched by essentially nobody? Traditionally shows like Damages would be axed but an interesting deal via DirecTV has saved this particular drama from oblivion.

Vroom with a View

Brian Moylan · 09/14/09 05:45PM

[A glimpse of a whirling propeller and lower Manhattan from the DIRECTV blimp last night. Image via Getty]

News Corp. hacker confesses to secret payments

Nicholas Carlson · 04/24/08 09:20AM

Lawyers for EchoStar claim News Corp.'s satellite TV company DirecTV hired hacker Christopher Tarnovsky to steal and sell security codes for its competing Dish Network, eventually costing EchoStar $900 million in lost revenue. Tarnovsky testified in court yesterday and admitted he wrote such a program and that he took money from News Corp. publishing unit HarperCollins for ten years. He said his first payment was "$20,000 in cash hidden in electronic devices mailed from Canada," reports Reuters. Tarnovsky and DirecTV claim the hacker was only "reverse engineering" the Dish technology — a perfectly legitimate practice in the electronics industry. Though not one typically funded through secret international payments from unrelated corporate subsidiaries. (Photo by geraintwn)

Friday Night Lights will continue, but available on torrent sites months before Hulu

Jackson West · 04/04/08 05:40PM

Critically acclaimed but chronically low-rated jock opera Friday Night Lights managed to sneak in a third season thanks to a unique deal between NBC Universal and DirecTV. But the network has built an interesting window into the release — the episodes will premiere on DirecTV's "The 101" channel in October, but not air in prime time until February. The episodes also won't be available on Hulu until NBC airs them next year, which makes no sense at all.