Fancy Restaurants Are Filthy Compared to White Castle

Brian Moylan · 08/09/10 03:47PM

Everyone thinks that fast food joints and chain restaurants in New York must be disgusting while five-star eateries are as spotless as their white tablecloths. New York City's Department of Healthy has found the exact opposite to be true.

The Hamptons: Still Sucking

The Cajun Boy · 06/22/09 12:47AM

Everybody already knows that the Hamptons is the universe's vortex of suck, but here's another reason why: Restaurant/club owners who, as a method of crowd control, roll up the awning sheltering the crowd outside waiting for tables during a downpour.

Rich, Drunk And Out Of Control Diners

Joshua Stein · 08/01/07 04:50PM

This morning, Times food scribe Frank Bruni took on the troubling yet completely understandable—maybe even great?—sociological phenomenon of rich patrons at nice restaurants getting completely faced on wine that costs as much as your monthly paycheck and then doing stupid-awesome things like screwing in bathrooms and stripping in dining rooms.

Ex-HBO Honcho Drags Girlfriend By Neck To Waverly Inn

balk · 05/16/07 09:46AM

Good news about former HBO head Chris Albrecht and his recent alleged chokee: Seems like they're going to make it work! Page Six reports that the throat-grabber "and gal pal Karla Jensen, 37, went out on the town last night, grabbing a bite at the Waverly Inn in TriBeCa." (TriBeCa! It's at Bank and Waverly! Like Page Six has never been?) Anyway, we're so happy that the two have been able to put this whole thing behind them. Eyewitnesses say the pair enjoyed the restaurant's famed $55 "smack and cheese." Yes, it's where the elite meet to beat! Oh we could go on!