Forlorn Teens' Memorable First Date: TGI Friday's, Then Getting Arrested

Lauri Apple · 10/15/11 11:58AM

Couples that get arrested together stay together—though not literally, because jails separate people by sex, and don't offer couples' cells. But still: Teenage casual dining enthusiasts Devin Norling, 18, and Sydney Sanders, 19, probably have some sort of future, because they gave themselves a memorable first-date experience and now have plenty to discuss during their second date.

Hot New Trend: Not Paying Your Restaurant Bill

Maureen O'Connor · 01/12/11 12:28PM

Check out the hot new trend sweeping posh Manhattan restaurants: Eating your meal, then running away before you pay the check! "Theft of service" was up 20 percent last year, and the people doing it weren't just poor jerks.