Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/13/09 06:33AM

Harrison Ford turns 67 today. Stephen Glover, who you probably know by the name "Steve-O," is turning 35. Actor Robert Forster is 68. Patrick Stewart is turning 69. Writer/director Cameron Crowe is 52. DailyCandy founder Dany Levy is turning 37. Hedge fund manager Dinakar Singh is 40. Writer Dale Peck turns 42. Cheech & Chong's Cheech Marin is turning 63. And retired basketball player Spud Webb turns 46 today.

Street Talk: The Lehman Investigation Begins

cityfile · 10/17/08 05:28AM

♦ Prosecutors have subpoenaed a dozen Lehman executives, including Dick Fuld, as part of three grand jury probes into the bankruptcy of the investment bank. [NYP]
♦ Warren Buffett has faith: "Buy American. I am." [NYT]
Andrew Cuomo met with AIG's new CEO yesterday, who assured the attorney general the insurance giant would account for excessive executive compensation and will also cancel upcoming conferences. [NYT, Bloomberg]