Posh's Kitchen Position, Dunst's 'Depression'

cityfile · 09/11/08 06:09AM
  • Gordon Ramsay says he's partnering with Victoria Beckham to open a restaurant in LA. Yes, a restaurant. Whether she'll actually taste any of the food served there is anybody's guess. [P6]

Dina's Fight Comes to an End

cityfile · 08/08/08 01:24PM

Dina Matos probably isn't smiling right now: a divorce court judge ruled this afternoon that she is not entitled to alimony from her ex, former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey. Dina had asked for $1 million in the suit. She'll end up getting $109,295 as well as $1,075 a month in child support for their daughter, Jacqueline. It's a nice belated birthday present for Jim, who turned 51 the day before yesterday. Dina can take comfort that thanks to the sexual embarrassment of another politician, her humiliation won't dominate the nightly news tonight. [NYT, NYP]

Mary-Kate's Lips Are Sealed

cityfile · 08/04/08 05:44AM
  • Mary-Kate Olsen is the last person federal investigators want to question before they close the Heath Ledger case. But the 4-foot-11, 90-pounder is refusing to talk unless she's granted immunity from prosecution. [NYP]

Quel Horreur! Dina McGreevey Has to Shop at the Gap!

cityfile · 05/30/08 06:50AM

Poor Dina Matos McGreevey. Since her split from "gay American" Jim McGreevey, New Jersey's former first lady has gone from buying designer duds at Neiman Marcus to shopping the sales rack at T.J. Maxx and the Gap. And not only has Dina had to give up her private chef and security detail, she says she now has to do her laundry at her parents' house because she can't afford a washer and dryer, and their six-year-old has to sleep in a baby crib because Dina didn't have the scratch to buy a bed. Looks like Les Miserables has been revived in Springfield, NJ! Things are going to get even tougher this week when Dina loses her job as an administrator because the hospital she works at is shutting down. But she's hoping a judge feels her pains and awards her the $51,000 a month she's been seeking as part of a divorce settlement. Who knows, by the end of summer, she might finally be able to pick up some bedsheets so poor little Jacqueline Matos McGreevey doesn't have to sleep on a bare mattress.

How Threesomes Started, Ended for New Jersey Guv

Ryan Tate · 03/16/08 11:04PM

The New York Post dug into the alleged threesomes involving former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, his wife and their male driver and found, not surprisingly, that gay guv was more into the three-ways than his wife. He enjoyed them so much, in fact, that he invited the driver on a romantic getaway where McGreevey planned to propose to his then-girlfriend. (The girlfriend, who later married McGreevey, got really pissed and disinvited the driver.) The driver now has a girlfriend "of several years" and has not disclosed any contact between himself and the governor during the threesomes. But it appears the governor was not left out of the action. The driver told the Post: "He liked watching me, and she would watch me while she was [performing sex acts] with Jim." The whole thing started one fateful night, when McGreevey was mayor of Woodbridge, NJ, and the tale is maybe vaguely hot, at least by New Jersey standards:

Threesome With New Jersey Guv Out-Trashes Spitzer Scandal

Ryan Tate · 03/16/08 09:50PM

New Jersey WILL NOT be out-trashed by New York, so a former driver has announced that not only did ex-Garden State Gov. Jim McGreevey have a gay lover, but also the governor's wife joined in on three-ways with the driver on many Friday nights from 1999 to 2001. The encounters would usually start with dinner at TGI Friday's — classy! — followed by sex between the driver and the wife at McGreevey's condo. They were known to all involved as "Friday Night Specials." From the Star-Ledger's story: "[Driver Theodore] Pedersen did not say if he was gay or bisexual and only described having contact with [Dina] Matos McGreevey during the trysts. He also said he never knew for sure if McGreevey was gay." McGreevey did not marry his wife until 2000, so the aide is saying the three-ways belie her claim to have been duped about her husband's sexuality. (Also, McGreevey was not elected governor until 2001, so the driver may not have been a driver at the time of the three-ways.) The aide's allegations are coming as Jim and Dina Matos McGreevey are battling over custody of their daughter. After the jump, video of Dina Matos McGreevey lending moral support to the wife of very-soon-to-be-former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose own cheating now seems just a little bit more tame.