Caity Weaver · 09/13/13 03:34PM

Lindsay Lohan’s mother-but-really-I-look-more-like-her-sister-don’t-you-think Dina was arrested for drunk driving in Long Island last night. TMZ says cops recorded her blood alcohol level at more than twice the legal limit. Lindsay is rumored to be living with a sober coach in Manhattan.

Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist Quits Over Michael Lohan, Leaves Opening for Second-Worst Job in America

Alyssa Bereznak · 10/25/12 05:55PM

After nearly two faithful years as Lindsay Lohan's No. 1 speed-dial homie, Steve Honig has decided to quit his job as publicist for the star, which also happens to be the second-worst job in America after being Lindsay Lohan's dad. Honig, obviously, has no problem with Lindsay's poor Porsche-handling skills, her romance with that guy "Klaus," or all that coke drama with Lindsay and her best friend, Dina Lohan. No, according to Honig just can't stand her dad. TMZ reports:

Kristen Stewart's Wild 'Thrusting' Almost Ruined Twilight

Maureen O'Connor · 11/04/11 11:15AM

Kristen Stewart's irrepressible sexiness imperils a movie franchise for kids. George Clooney gave Stacy Keibler crabs. Kris Jenner on Kim keeping her engagement ring: "I hate Indian givers." Dina Lohan blabs about LiLo's Playboy contract. TGIFriday gossip.

Amy Winehouse Drank Herself to Death

Maureen O'Connor · 10/26/11 10:55AM

Amy Winehouse's blood alcohol level was five times the legal driving limit when she died. Rob Pattinson wants Taylor Lautner's body. Lindsay Lohan's Playboy photoshoot "went well." Wednesday gossip alternates between sexy and sad.

Kim Kardashian's Husband Ditches Ring and Moves Out

Maureen O'Connor · 10/21/11 10:55AM

Why did Kris Humphries ditch his wedding ring to carry moving boxes? Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale might be in love. Dina Lohan is shopping a memoir. Kanye's Occupy Wall Street outfit was worth more than $30,000. TGIFriday gossip.

Kim Kardashian Snubs Husband and Sister-in-Law In Front of Everyone

Maureen O'Connor · 09/15/11 11:05AM

All three Kardashians blow off Kris Humphries' plus-size model sister. Mila Kunis gets hacked. A naked man with a Fudgesicle broke into Nicolas Cage's house. Padma Lakshmi bombs at an open mic night. Thursday gossip turns up its nose.

Did Lindsay Lohan Try to Upstage Kim Kardashian at Her Own Wedding?

Lauri Apple · 08/21/11 11:18AM

Saucy LiLo shows up to the Kardashianganza dressed in a long white gown accessorized with major cleavage. Chely Wright weds. Christina Aguilera wants to wed. And Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller might wed again. Today's Gossip Roundup is an overworked bridesmaid with cake all over her dress.

Ellen Pompeo Hides in the Bushes, Crying, at a Party

Maureen O'Connor · 07/05/11 10:20AM

It was Ron Perelman's party, and Ellen Pompeo cried even though she didn't want to. Daniel Radcliffe was "reliant" on alcohol. Nicki Minaj's cousin was murdered. Andrew Keegan might have been tased. Tuesday gossip is troubled.

Lindsay Lohan Snuggles With Her Own Terrible Super-Tan Future

Maureen O'Connor · 04/13/11 11:47AM

Like a vulture circling a mound of rotting flesh, Lindsay Lohan is closing in on the role of Victoria Gotti in an upcoming mafia movie. To seal the deal, Lindsay and Victoria posed for pictures; the result was like one of those fairy tales where a damsel looks in the mirror and freaks out when she sees what she will look like when she is old. Not that Victoria is that old! Just that LiLo has a thing for snuggling up to human embodiments of her super-tan, uber-blonde future.

Lindsay Lohan's Paparazzi-Induced Anxiety Attack, and Other Panics

Maureen O'Connor · 03/14/11 10:27AM

Lindsay Lohan hyperventilates and calls the paparazzi "animals." Someone is selling a sex tape of Usher. Charlie Sheen misses his son's birthday party. Britney Spears reunites with K-Fed at her son's baseball game. Monday gossip sucks and blows.