Here, Have Fun With This

Pareene · 07/01/08 02:30PM

Dimitri the Lover may be an incredibly inept (if scary!) pickup artist, but it cannot be denied that he has an awesome website. One of the secrets of his awesome website is his expert use of Shockwave animation, mostly featuring big-breasted cartoon ladies. But because his site is on hiatus or something, you couldn't see all his great work. Until now!!! Because he left his "animation" directory open. Above, a still from one of his more mature works, "Dykes." (Link NSFW, probably?) [Dimitri the Lover]

World's Worst Pickup Artist Has World's Greatest Website

Pareene · 06/27/08 11:41AM

Hey! Remember Dimitri, the guy who left the psychotic voicemails? Remember how much fun we had with that? Dimitri doesn't seem to be too upset that his incredibly creepy pickup strategy leaked onto the internet. He just relaunched his webstite! THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF DIMITRI THE LOVER, CANADA'S GREATEST LOVER AND SEDUCER is live! Just last night his site announced something major in the works. And here it is! He's working on a full-length documentary, apparently, as well as two reality shows. One is called "Doctor Dimitri, Malpractice Investigator," which actually sounds totally A+ would watch.

Voicemail From the Worst Pickup Artist Ever

Pareene · 06/26/08 05:12PM

Meet Dimitri! He met you on the street the other day and just wanted to say hi, and have sex with you. Call him "as soon as you have the courage to." He doesn't like leaving second messages, but he likes you. "Here how it's going to work. It is now 4:30 on Wednesday. Now I'll assume-I'll assume that you've already work. ... But if i do not receive a phone call back from you by 3 o'clock, Thursday afternoon, I am no longer interested. and you can erase my phone number. I do not play games like that." There's NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM. But maybe your mother has cancer? So. WHO IS DIMITIRI? He's probably this guy: