Kids Sword Fight With Giant Dildos in Amazing Gun Safety PSA

Andy Cush · 06/27/14 08:10AM

Writing exactly what happens in the PSA above will kind of spoil the magic, so I'll just say this: It involves two kids enthusiastically sword-fighting with a pair big ol' dildos in the front lawn while their horrified mothers look on.

Man Arrested for Stealing Bag of Dildos from His Boss

Brian Moylan · 03/14/11 03:27PM

Mitchell Tice, a resident of Florida (of course), was arrested for breaking into his boss' storage locker and stealing two laptops, a wig, and a bag full of dildos. Tice kept the sex toys under his bed, which is how the police identified him as the criminal.

Before You Sell a House, Remove All Dildos

Max Read · 01/30/11 08:49PM

There are so many rules to follow when you're selling a house! Like, don't leave sex toys lying around the bathroom when you take photos for the online listing—the way this realtor did. (Photo is semi-NSFW!)

The Stone Age Swedish Penis Carving

Max Read · 07/23/10 02:26AM

Archaeologists in Sweden have discovered a stone age antler carving in an "erected-penis-like-shape." Is it an "ancient dildo"? Maybe! It could also be a tool for "chipping flakes of flint." But, come on, that's not as fun. [Live Science]