UFC President Warns Anonymous: 'You're Gonna Get Osama bin Laden-ed'

Adrian Chen · 01/27/12 03:43PM

Last Sunday, a group of hackers took down the website of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. This was a good choice, since it's sparked a week's-worth of enjoyable smack talk from UFC's president, including nerd put-downs and elaborate 9/11 analogies.

Anonymous Is Launching a MegaUpload Alternative?

Adrian Chen · 01/23/12 10:00AM

Anonymous really loved Megaupload. Still reeling over the loss of the best place to download the entire TLC discography on the web, members of the hacktivist collective have apparently launched an effort to build a replacement for the file-sharing service killed by the feds last week: Anonyupload.

Facebook Is the Final Frontier in Amateur Porn

Adrian Chen · 11/10/11 06:30PM

The internet is no longer sated by poorly-lit shoots and shaky cameras. Amateur porn needs to be even more amateur. The cutting-edge of online smut is stalker porn: private sexy pics posted without their subjects' consent, paired with a screenshot of their Facebook profile.

Vigilante Hackers Wage War on Underground Kiddie Porn

Adrian Chen · 10/21/11 03:01PM

Just below the surface of the internet sits a network of hidden websites home to some of the worst stuff imaginable. Now hackers are going after pedophiles hiding in the so-called dark net.

America's Most Prestigious Magazine Publisher Returns to Pedophilia Bait

Adrian Chen · 09/21/11 02:58PM

Thousands of sweaty-palmed nerds are super psyched that their favorite place to creep on underage girls has returned. Reddit, the popular message board owned by Advance Publications, Conde Nast's parent company, has decided to revive its forum devoted to aggregating pictures of "jailbait."

Anonymous Leaks Nude Pics of BART Spokesman

Adrian Chen · 08/24/11 04:36PM

Anonymous has declared war on San Francisco's commuter subway system, BART. They've staged protests and hacked website, but a leak of nude pics of a BART spokesman has taken things to another, more personal level.

How Close Did This Guy Get to Hacking Facebook?

Adrian Chen · 08/17/11 01:11PM

A British man was released on bail today after he was busted trying to break into Facebook. According to the authorities, he allegedly "secured access" to Facebook servers repeatedly. So how close did he get to taking control of the social network's 700 million accounts?

Hacker Plot to 'Kill Facebook' Is All a Terrible Misunderstanding

Adrian Chen · 08/10/11 04:15PM

The internet is quaking with the news that the hacktivist collective Anonymous plans to "destroy" Facebook on November 5th. We spoke to the Anonymous member who was there at the start of "Operation Facebook," and he told us the whole thing is a misunderstanding that's spiraled crazily out of control.