After Jimmy Fallon, Is Kevin Rose's Buddy Act Over?

Owen Thomas · 03/12/09 03:02AM

Did you hear? Digg founder Kevin Rose was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday. As was Rose's forgettable Diggnation cohost — what's his name? Ah, yes — Alex Albrecht, who we hear wants out.

You must be this tall to ride Alex Albrecht

Owen Thomas · 10/13/08 06:00PM

The bromance between Diggnation cohosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose is so palpable, and same-sex marriage so trendy, that I was a bit surprised to hear that Albrecht was engaged to someone else. Aw, Kevin, I hope you don't feel jilted! Someone will make an honest man of you, someday. The two performed their Web show live on stage at the Future of Web Apps conference in London — which, we hear, was just like Cyprus but without the crystal-blue sea and the matching swimsuits. Can you think of a better caption? Leave it in the comments. The best will become the post's new headline. Friday's winner: franky, for "Mark Zuckerberg signs petition against new Facebook design." (Photo by jimjarmo)

Striking janitors attempt to derail Nvision

Jackson West · 08/26/08 09:40AM

The Nvision conference put on by chipmaker Nvidia is turning out to be unintentionally interesting. The stock price is down and Intel is looking to join AMD as a competitor in the high-end graphics processing market. Attendees are being greeted by union activists from Unite Here pointing out how the company has shipped thousands of faulty chips inside machines from Dell and HP.It's part of the union's strategy to convince the company to pressure subcontractor Aramark into negotiating a better deal with striking service workers. And after today's festivities, a group of Diggnation groupies will be delivered by CalTrain after a boozy ride from San Francisco for a live taping of the show at 6:30 p.m. after the day-long conference. Both the activists and the fanboys will surely add color to the official company line CEO Jen-Hsun Huang pitched at the keynote. (Photo by AP/Mark Lennihan)

Alex Albrecht's top secret new project has a name: Project Lore

Jackson West · 06/23/08 05:20PM

Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht has been working on a new project behind the scenes for months now, and it could soon be coming to a browser near you — a tipster pointed us to projectlore.com, which is currently behind password protection, and an unused Twitter account by the same name. What could it be? Your guess is as good as mine. But it's my understanding that it's going to be a Hollywood-sized production.

Kevin Rose no longer single — but who's he dating?

Owen Thomas · 06/11/08 04:20PM

San Francisco's Web 2.0 playboy, Kevin Rose, has been laying low since his much-publicized affair with Internet notoriety provider Julia Allison in Miami (shown here, in a previously unpublished photo, with Rose). But on Facebook yesterday, Rose took the word "single" off his profile. A tipster says Rose is dating again, but we haven't heard the lucky lady's name yet. We're guessing she's a newcomer to town, since Rose's Diggnation cohost, Alex Albrecht, once drunkenly noted that Rose has dated quite a few locals. Rose's Facebook update, after the jump:

Hulu nabs Diggnation and other Revision3 shows

Jackson West · 05/15/08 02:40PM

Hulu, the online video site created as a joint venture between NBC and News Corp., will distribute shows from content startup Revision3, which focuses on shows broadly related to technology. Now you can easily switch between WWE wrestling matches and watching Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose getting drunk without having to turn off your laptop. [Silicon Alley Insider]

Behind the scenes at the Mahalo Daily Idol auditions

Jackson West · 04/19/08 02:23PM

Bonny Pierzina broadcasted from live behind the scenes in Santa Monica for the Mahalo Daily Idol auditions via Justin.tv, and I've been assured that archives will be made available. The three judge panel of Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis, DiggNation co-host Alex Albrecht and cantankerous vlogger Loren Feldman voted Valleywag favorite Sarah Atwood on to the second round — glad to hear they didn't hold our endorsement against her. Audition wrap-up from the judges after the jump.

"Kevin Rose has basically plowed through everybody"

Jordan Golson · 04/11/08 05:00PM

We may have been thrown out of the TechCrunch party last night, but bulldog aficionado Jason Calacanis did our dirty work for us. Calacanis caught up with Kevin Rose's cohost on the Diggnation podcast, Alex Albrecht, and asked him about Kevin Rose's dating habits. It's not pretty.

Kevin Rose Hawaii haircut crisis!

Owen Thomas · 10/25/07 11:47AM

Everyone's heard of Kevin Rose, the genial, constantly drinking founder of Digg and host of the Diggnation webcast. And everyone's used to his sleepy-eyed, mopheaded good looks. Well, forget the mophead. From this Valleywag spy photo pic we spotted on Yahoo executive Bradley Horowitz's Flickr stream, Rose got a buzz cut before flying to Hawaii for VC David Hornik's exclusive Lobby conference. Does this have something to do with that Captain America comic? How will his online-video fans react? Will his Diggnation numbers plummet? And will women continue to ask him to sign their breasts? (Photo by bradley23)

Party Report: Revision3 at Slide

Chris Mohney · 02/28/07 01:07PM

MEGAN MCCARTHY — Last night marked a soiree at Slide for Revision3, the net TV net brought to you by the fine folks at Digg. Indie mag XLR8R has joined the outfit with XLR8R TV; mag founder Andrew Smith says the show covers "cutting-edge music and culture." (Also, the host of the show is named — no joke and completely coincidentally — Vivian Host.) Slide is a newish club partially owned by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams (he was there, but left before I could be introduced). Slide's speakeasy theme perplexingly includes an actual slide patrons can use to enter the club; is this how it was done back in Prohibition? At least two people copped to using the slide last night. "It's a lot better in a speedo," said one. As are so many things. Full gallery of fotographic fun may be found here, courtesy of lenswoman Lane Hartwell. After the jump, our report and a sample of the visual entertainment.

Party Report: Diggnation Live @ the Beach Chalet

Chris Mohney · 02/14/07 04:00PM

MEGAN MCCARTHY — Digg loves itself, and Digg loves Kevin Rose, and Kevin Rose loves Diggers. Hence Diggnation Live, a Rose-led podcast, Digger social event, and drinky party at the Beach Chalet on Ocean Beach. Or, as one attendee said, "It's a frat party for people who never left their room in college!" Diggers from all over certainly left their rooms to get here, hailing from Sacramento, Santa Cruz, and some strange land known as "Minn-eh-soh-tah." Bemused local surfers were cruelly shoved aside by scruffy nerds who took over half the bar, keeping the doors open to let in the coastal chill. Sundry Diggers, babies, dogs, and film crews rounded out the circus. Check out the amazing gallery of joy shot by Lane Hartwell, and journey after the jump for party notes and photo highlights.

Outside the Beach Chalet, a tent "simulcasted" the Diggnation podcast to an audience of zero, since all Diggfans were clustered inside around the bar and its sweet, sweet alcohol. Rose and interlocutor Alex Albrecht mugged for the crowd, doing the podcast thing between rounds. Digger chrispcade came up from Sacramento because "It's so close". A family of three from three hours north — including a 10-month-old who really should have had his ID checked — stopped by on their way to Tahoe. One guy named Michael, visiting from the Midwest, wanted to see Diggnation because "You don't have this in Minnesota". Then there's Katie, a.k.a. katiedesu, who came up from Santa Cruz to show off her homemade Digg shirt (hastily thrown together in 30 minutes because the blue Digg shirt she had ordered failed to arrive in time). Since social media is The Shit right now, local media types all but pounced on super-cute Katie, including a film crew; look forward to her appearance on the Discovery Channel.

Rose worked the crowd amicably, as did a few other leading lights. At one point during the podcast, he and Albrecht held up a copy of JPG magazine open to an arty picture of nearly naked woman with star-shaped pasties. That pic was shot by none other than Valleywag's own Lane Hartwell, whose photos grace this very post. Synergy! Later, Digg t-shirts and other swag were hurled into the crowd, temporarily sating their bloodlust.

A local beardling observed the proceedings with confusion. "I'm just here for the band. I heard they were taking an hour break and couldn't believe it." Dreadlocked surfer dude Marc pronounced the Digger crowd "corporate," and I don't think he meant that in a good way. Bartender Nick, who was serving drinks in the background the during the podcast, had never heard of Digg before his prominent cameo. At the end of the night, he wrote down "Diggnation" in capital letters, murmuring that he ought to check it out.

Below are a few photo picks from the evening. Plenty more here.