Brendan O'Connor · 07/11/15 03:55PM

“Some people want Voat to be a reset button, as Reddit was to Digg years ago. But to a casual visitor, the distinguishing features are its small-town feel, the relative ease of mocking the obese, and the volume of threads complaining about Reddit.” Well that sounds just lovely, doesn’t it?

This Asshole Son Conducts a Great Clinic On How to Scare Your Dad

Adam Weinstein · 05/19/14 04:10PM

Ponder now the mysteries of the primordial kinship between father and his male offspring. Some fish; some have a catch. Some dads have heart attacks and shit their pants when their sons go on a sustained campaign to scare them. This is one of those father-son relationships.

Elite Yelp Cult Wreaks Havoc on Restaurants and Hors D'oeuvres

Adrian Chen · 06/03/11 10:20AM

Yelp: Full of altruistic, food-loving people who get a kick out of highlighting restaurants they love, right? Wrong. The "Yelp Mafia" is a violent ravenous mob, bound by a shadowy covenant whose only condition is power—and free food.

4channers Are Vampires

Adrian Chen · 05/24/11 12:05PM

A study by grad students at MIT produced this chart describing the average activity on 4chan over a two-week span. Those familiar with the site will not be surprised that it really livens up in the off-hours.

Tech's Winners and Losers of 2010

Ryan Tate · 12/28/10 01:00PM

Technology seemed especially relevant in 2010, what with The Social Network's blockbuster receipts and mass mania for Apple's iPad and iPhone 4. The newfound attention helped turned some techies into genuine stars — while lending others real worldwide infamy.

How To Make a Killing While Your Startup Burns

Ryan Tate · 09/07/10 04:05PM

Give Kevin Rose credit: The Digg CEO keeps a cool head. "Gotta take risk" was the tech playboy's cheerful response to Digg's mounting problems today. His secret to staying relaxed: Extracurricular investments with buddies hedge Rose well against Digg's death.

A Turning Point for Digg

Ryan Tate · 08/31/10 06:22PM

Enjoy the fine mess, Matt Williams. Digg's newly announced CEO has the privilege of cleaning up after a redesign that has users up in arms, the social news site scrambling to add back old features, and rival Reddit surging.

How Digg Got Spanked By Its Own Users

Ryan Tate · 08/30/10 01:54PM

Unhappy with a deal that Digg.com's management cut with major media companies, the social news site's users turned Digg's front page into a de facto advertisement for rival aggregator Reddit today, upvoting scores of Reddit links.

The Wedding Proposal Geek-Off

Ryan Tate · 08/09/10 06:36PM

There's seems to be a nerdy arms race under way over who can propose to their fiancée the most ridiculously networked fashion. Digg's Matt Van Horn, who just live-streamed video of his proposal, is the winner. For now.

Was Digg's CEO Ousted Over Inflated Traffic?

Ryan Tate · 04/06/10 03:01PM

Kevin Rose could hardly have sent a clearer signal: Less than 12 hours after announcing his takeover as CEO, the Digg co-founder killed the social news site's controversial "DiggBar." It would seem Rose finally had it with Digg inflating traffic.

Apple's Conference Breaks Digg

Ryan Tate · 06/08/09 12:39PM

The traffic, it was too much: Digg just went down, a likely victim of an overwhelming surge of traffic around the ongoing keynote speech at Apple's developer conference. What's weird about this news?

Digg's Fratty News Site Has a No-Homo Policy

Owen Thomas · 05/07/09 12:09PM

If you wanted to imagine a topsy-turvy world where straight 19-year-old jock-nerds ran the media, just visit Digg. The site is so laden with antigay epithets that it automatically censors the word "homo" from headlines.

The Global Village Is Too Poor for YouTube

Owen Thomas · 04/27/09 02:07PM

Just a few years ago, venture capitalists pushed Internet startups to conquer every last corner of the world. Now they're asking why they don't just pull the plug on the Third World.