Convicted Bombing Plotter Tried to Turn Girlfriend in to FBI for Reward

Lauri Apple · 06/07/11 12:18AM

A San Diego man named Donny Love Sr. was convicted today in federal court for concocting a courthouse bombing plot that involved asking his "on-again, off-again" girlfriend to bomb the courthouse for him, then trying to turn her into the FBI. Donny Love, you know nothing about love.

Family Buys Nickelodeon DVD, Gets Porn Instead

Jeff Neumann · 02/08/11 06:29AM

Last Friday a mother in Queens bought her kids a DVD at Toys "R" Us, Nickelodeon All-Star Sports Day featuring Dora the Explorer and her pal, Diego. The next day, Candice Connor sat down to watch it with her two sons, Nigel and Logan, but instead of watching Diego and Dora work on their swings and shoot hoops, Nigel, 11, told the Daily News:

Girl Saves Lethally Ugly Pony

Maureen O'Connor · 06/21/10 11:11AM

Diego the pony is so ugly he was nearly euthanized. But six-year-old Maddison Biddlecombe "fell in love" with the hideous foal and is fighting to rescue him from the glue factory. Meet The Beautiful Baby and the Equine Beast.