Tricky Terrorists Admit Terrorizing

Pareene · 12/08/08 02:05PM

In the battle against global terror, ridiculously childish reverse psychology remains one of the most powerful weapons. It is used both by the enemy—al-Qaeda totally doesn't want you to reelect Bush, that would be terrible for them!—and, increasingly, by us. So five Guantanamo detainees have all confessed to plotting 9/11, but we totally aren't accepting their confessions, at all. Because that's just what they want.

'Daily News' To Terrorists: Drop Dead

Pareene · 02/12/08 11:55AM

The New York Daily News went totally, utterly insane today with their "editorial" on the upcoming trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other alleged 9/11 conspirators. Headlined "Death is too good," the fourth paragraph reads, in its entirety, "Burn in hell!" Then it just sorta keeps going in that fashion for a while.