'ZOMG' Is Now an Official Word or Something

Richard Lawson · 06/03/11 02:24PM

The Oxford Dictionaries Online has apparently added the popular internet exclamation "ZOMG" (short for Zak Orth's Mating Grounds) to its big list of words. They've also included "NSFW" (Nudie Sex Fisting Women) and "Twittersphere." Oh brother. I mean, they're citing them as abbreviations and informal words and stuff, not actual King's English, but still. What an age we live in!

'Austerity' Is America's Most Looked-Up Word

Richard Lawson · 12/20/10 05:30PM

Merriam-Webster.com announced today that austerity was their most looked-up word in 2010, ahead of pragmatic, moratorium, and, gasp!, socialism. Fitting that people are looking for austerity in these penny-pinched times. "With great austerity, Sarah Palin boundered across the Alaskan tundra..."

School Lifts Ban on Sexy Dictionary

Ravi Somaiya · 01/27/10 06:30AM

The dictionary that was banned from a California school for having the definitions of sex words in it is back to corrupt our youth. Although parents will have the option of denying their kids access to this filthy smut.

Childrens' Dictionary Revision Means End of Great Britain

Pareene · 12/08/08 02:26PM

Bored conservatives are up in arms over the new revision of the Oxford University Press' Junior Dictionary! The sun has finally set on the British Empire, now that "empire" is no longer listed in the Oxford University Press Junior Dictionary. Also cut: "aisle", "bishop", "chapel", and "monarch." You'll be disgusted to learn what words replaced those venerable old favorites.