Potty Mouth Trump Goes on Pointless F-Bomb Tirade

Jeff Neumann · 04/29/11 07:32AM

Are you sick of hearing about reality TV shock jock Donald Trump? Same here! But you've gotta like a little pointless swearing, and that's exactly what Trump did last night when his cross country shit show landed in Las Vegas, fresh off his triumph over Barack Obama. Speaking to about 1,000 Republicans, he waded deep into American foreign policy issues.

Volunteer Bouncer Uses Stun Gun Over Backwards Hat

Jeff Neumann · 12/14/10 07:22AM

What's worse than being a bouncer? Being a volunteer bouncer! Like 23-year-old Nathan Landis, who, while keeping a vigilant watch over his favorite watering hole, saw another man wearing his hat backwards and zapped him repeatedly with a stun gun.

Asshole Cop to German Tourist: 'This Ain't the Autobahn'

Jeff Neumann · 10/30/10 04:02PM

So a couple of German guys are speeding in a rental car while sightseeing across America. Then a highway cop pulls them over. He even removes the Oakley blades! "You know the speed limit here, Germany Boy?" It gets worse.