The King of Tech Talk Showed Everyone a (His?) Naked Dick

Sam Biddle · 05/27/15 10:47AM

For decades, gadget pundit Leo Laporte, the host of a variety of internet and TV talk shows, has served as the neighborly face of technology. And just like some actual neighbors, he has a history of accidentally exposing himself. This time, his audience was treated to a photo of a penis, spotted among a collection of personal photos.

Anti-Gay North Dakota Rep. Outed Via Dick Pic

Rich Juzwiak · 04/28/15 02:55PM

If prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, the world’s second oldest profession must be male politician with an anti-gay voting record who enjoys the dicks of men. Ladies and gentlemen, meet North Dakota House of Representatives member Randy Boehning (R).

Teacher Admits He Sent Dick Pic Snapchats to Underage Students

Allie Jones · 09/04/14 11:27AM

Snapchat: cool among teens, even cooler among high school teachers trying to send underage girls pictures of their dick without getting caught. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Stoughton High School teacher and assistant football coach Brandon Amato, 24, admitted yesterday to sending explicit Snapchats to one 16-year-old student and one 17-year-old student.

NSA Spook-Turned-Twitter-Pundit Goes Dark After Dick Pic Surfaces

Adam Weinstein · 06/23/14 03:05PM

A well-known conservative pundit and secrecy expert who once worked as an NSA officer has deleted all of his social media accounts after screenshots leaked this weekend that appeared to show him sending sexy messages and a shot of his soft penis to a Twitter follower who was not his wife.

Brendan O'Connor · 03/29/14 02:30PM

A Texas man attached a picture of his penis (or, rather, 'a' penis) to his job application. The man has been ticketed for "obscene display or distribution" and is still, presumably, looking for a job.

NYC Realtor Lists Gorgeous $2000 Loft Located Inside Spacious Penis

Caity Weaver · 06/14/13 03:00PM

A Manhattan real estate agent inadvertently exposed more than the beautiful brickwork inside a $2000 Upper West Side apartment he listed Friday, when he uploaded a photograph of a large* penis alongside shots of a sunny living room and renovated kitchen as part of an online listing.

Anthony Weiner's NYC Mayoral Web Site Uses the Pittsburgh Skyline

Camille Dodero · 05/23/13 03:37PM

OK, really, we get it, Anthony Weiner. You're running for Mayor of New York City. You think you should be given a second chance, and you won't give this shit a rest, even though you are, by all accounts, a pretty big dick with a curved dick that you SEXTED TO RANDOMS while MARRIED TO HILLARY CLINTON'S HOMEGIRL (who was pregnant with your baby) and WHILE HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE. You kind of seem like a giant fuckface.

Rapper Rick Ross Weighs In on Anthony Weiner

Max Read · 09/20/11 09:30PM

If there's one thing that's been missing from the exhaustive coverage of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, it's the opinion of rapper Rick Ross. Now, thanks to the pioneering journalism of GQ's Devin Friedman (who spent a day and night hanging out with Ross), we've got it:

The Most Famous Cock Shots of All Time

Brian Moylan & Maureen O'Connor · 06/08/11 08:45PM

The moment has arrived: Congressman Anthony Weiner's naked penis picture has gone public. But how does it rank in the great history of dong shots? Resident genital experts Maureen O'Connor and Brian Moylan give their reviews of some famous celebrity dick pics.

Did Anthony Weiner Tweet a Picture of His Weiner?

Max Read · 05/28/11 04:55PM

Did liberal hero and would-be Mayor of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (D - N.Y.) Tweet a picture of his own, underwear-clad erection last night? Conservative bloggers sure seem to hope so!