Look, Game of Thrones Has Shown Us Dicks Before

Jordan Sargent · 05/24/16 02:30PM

Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones will be remembered as one that rewarded emotional investment in a show that, in recent seasons, has given its viewers plenty of reasons to check out. The series became famous for suddenly killing off major characters in the least merciful ways imaginable, but the newest episode ended with a beloved figure dying in a manner that was excruciating and brutal but also honorable and sort of elegant. Oh, and earlier in the episode they showed a dick.

Please Stop (With These Fashionable Dicks)

Jason Parham · 01/22/15 03:25PM

Rick Owens's new Fall/Winter line is all dick and no style. This morning, during his Paris runway show, the famed designer revealed his latest men's collection. Small penises made an appearance.

Here's More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Elephant Dick

Rich Juzwiak · 07/15/14 12:20PM

"The team needs to act fast to gain access to the bull's penis before it retracts back into its sheath" is the first thing you hear in the preview above for the new PBS series Sex in the Wild, which premieres Wednesday. And that's all you need to know about whether or not this clip is for you, because really it is all about gaining access to a four-ton elephant's penis. And extracting sperm from it, while the elephant dozes gently. And measuring it (1 meter, 40 centimeters). And its "natural searching response," which causes it to jump like a fire hose being turned on. And stimulating the elephant's prostate.

Did Anthony Weiner Tweet a Picture of His Weiner?

Max Read · 05/28/11 04:55PM

Did liberal hero and would-be Mayor of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (D - N.Y.) Tweet a picture of his own, underwear-clad erection last night? Conservative bloggers sure seem to hope so!

What A Day At Chatroulette's Office Would Be Like

Mike Byhoff · 02/22/10 03:48PM

It would likely be full of tits and dicks. But mostly dicks. Lots and lots of dicks. And despite the non-stop pleading for tits, the dick-to-tits ratio remains alarmingly lopsided. This may be the first SFW Chatroulette video.

Pick the Most Loathsome Financial Villain

John Cook · 03/18/09 02:59PM

The New Depression rolls on and those overpaid AIG failures are this week's target for populist wrath. But do you hate them more than last week's villains? Embrace your hate and vote in our poll.

What Do You Mean It's Sold Out For The Entire Weekend!?

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/18/08 12:00PM

While out running errands in Manhattan, Kirsten Dunst received some shocking news over the phone. Namely, that the Dick star would not be able to get into an IMAX screening of The Dark Knight. Dunst's friend said that they could always watch the movie during the week and that'll be the same movie. Dunst huffed and puffed that it wouldn't be the same if they had to wait a few days to watch the film and the situation is beginning to feel a lot when Dunst went to get a new iPhone. Dunst said, "First, I can't get the iPhone until next week or whenever they get a shipment in and now I have to wait to see the new Batman movie? What else could go wrong in my life? I swear." Dunst then asked if her friend could check out Craigslist or eBay for tickets and price was not an issue.


Pareene · 12/19/07 10:30AM

DC is on fire for once! The "old executive office," an pretty old building basically across the street from the White House, is AFLAME on the "Today Show" right now, due to a problem in an "electrical closet" in the Vice President's "ceremonial office." Mishap in the torture room or is he DESTROYING THE EVIDENCE? We'll never know 'cause "Today" just cut back to Patti LaBelle's fightin' choir. [WP]