Bunch of Dudes to Decide If Utah Should Tax Tampons

Allie Jones · 02/10/16 09:35AM

The relatively conservative state of Utah will introduce to committee today a bill to remove taxes on tampons and other feminine products, following five other states that have recently nixed taxes on such goods. Unfortunately, the fate of the Utah bill rests in the hands of men.

Americans Are Losing the Diaper Race

Hamilton Nolan · 03/25/15 09:02AM

As the trade winds that blow across the seas are always in flux, so too are the diaper-buying trends of parents around the world. A powerful metaphor? Yes.

​Let's Boycott Amazon! Now Where Do We Buy Stuff?

Tom Scocca · 05/28/14 03:55PM

Amazon has gone too far. Now. Now that it is apparently trying to extort ebook concessions from Hachette by delaying delivery and blocking preorders of regular Hachette books—this is it.

New York's New Home Design Trend: Baby-Poop Bowls

Caity Weaver · 04/22/13 05:19PM

Cool, edgy parents who hold their babies with one hand have been observing for years that infants are like drunk people. They can barely hold their heads up! They’re always bursting into tears! They’re steady tryin' to suck on titties in public! Now, New Yorkers have found a way to make their children even more like drunk people: They’re teaching them to pee on the street.

And Now, A Picture of Kate Middleton Dressed as an Adult Baby (UPDATE)

Taylor Berman · 11/12/12 08:14PM

There's not a ton to say about this picture, really. It's Kate Middleton wearing a diaper and a bib while covered in what looks like shaving cream. It's reportedly from a 2001 event at St. Andrew's University, which makes sense; who doesn't have embarrassing photos from college floating around the internet? And, of course, this photo is a lot less scandalous than those other Kate Middleton photos on the internet, although, as The Cut points out, there is a set of droopy balls to Kate's right. Scandal! NSFW!

Huffington Post Now Citing Adult Baby Diaper Fetish Forums for Race-Baiting News

Max Read · 08/03/12 01:35PM

A few days ago, Pulitzer prize-winning leftist cocaine site Huffington Post broke the news that Louisiana's Rayville Elementary — currently receiving a "failing" grade from the state — won't allow white students to transfer out due a federal desegregation ruling from 1986. A perfect article to be circulated as evidence of reverse racism! And all it needed was a little bit of "here's the reaction around the web" padding courtesy a quote from the forum ADISC.org.

Man Fakes Disability to Fool Nurse Into Changing Adult Diaper

Max Read · 06/09/11 10:34PM

Police say 23-year-old Eric Carrier, of Hooksett, N.H., faked a brain injury in order to get his diaper changed by a nurse. Apparently, he placing an ad on Craigslist posing as the father of a brain-damaged son, luring an in-home nurse to his house so the nurse could "assess what type of care she needed to provide in the future."

Men Victimized by Low Diaper Expectations

Hamilton Nolan · 06/23/10 08:20AM

Are men capable of dealing with a child's poop? Despite strong warnings from wise men that only women have the inborn baby poop-handling gene, Pampers is now trying to pawn off its dirty product on fathers. They're not doing well.

Wisconsin Diaper Thief Gets Off Easy

Jeff Neumann · 06/04/10 09:10AM

Dillon Makuski, a 20-year-old diaper fetishist, was given 30 months probation, 200 hours of community service, and must undergo a psycho-sexual examination for stealing dirty diapers from someone's home. He was arrested with six soiled diapers in his pockets.