The Muppets Take Manhattan

ian spiegelman · 05/25/08 03:30PM

Kermit the Frog, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Fozzy Bear, Mariel Hemingway, Michael Murphy, Gonzo and Janice team up in this hilarious new comedy about love and sex in Manhattan. If you ask me, that Janice kid is going places fast! Trailer after the jump.

Steve Martin And Diane Keaton To Bicker At A Cineplex Near You

Seth Abramovitch · 05/13/08 02:30PM

· Paramount bought Steve Martin's pitch From Zero to Sixty, which legend has it he apparently sold with three words: "Steve. Diane. Lamborghinis."[Variety]
· Will & Grace star Megan Mullally returns to sitcomdom playing opposite Alicia Silverstone in ABC sitcom pilot Bad Mother's Handbook. [Variety]
· American Gladiators tanked in the ratings, leading the order, "Skimpier costumes! NOW!" to reverberate out of Ben Silverman's office. [THR]
· CBS gives that show with Christine in the title and How I Met Your Mother full-season pickups. [THR]
· ABC is only ordering two new series, including a final, 13-episode order for Boston Legal.

Diane Keaton

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:39PM

Keaton is Hollywood's sixtysomething envoy to the world of romantic comedies and Exhibit A whenever the industry counters the claim that it sends aging actresses out to pasture.

Speed Not As Novel As Believed

Nick Denton · 01/21/08 05:41PM

Why does Diane Keaton have to kill our trend story? Adderall was looking good as the pill of choice of a new creative generation. And then the 62-year-old actress, who made her name opposite Woody Allen in moves such as Manhattan, spoils it all. On the Letterman show, on CBS, on Friday, she was reminiscing about the debut of her acting career, as part of the original cast of the musical, Hair, in 1968. Keaton, who was supposed to be promoting her new movie, Mad Money, blurted out that forty years ago she and her fellow actors received injections of a methamphetamine drug, much like Adderall. And we so hoped there was something new in the creative pharmacopeia. (In another of Allen's movies in which Keaton starred, Sleeper, at least the future had some medical advances, such as the orgasmatron.) After the jump, the clip from the Letterman show.

Diane Keaton Terrifies Diane Sawyer, Curses On Morning TV

Pareene · 01/15/08 09:53AM

The publicity engine for lady-empowering heist flick Mad Money (Without Jim Cramer) rolled on this morning with an appearance by the lovely and talented Diane Keaton on Good Morning America. Diane Keaton spent her segment making Diane Sawyer very uncomfortable. After admitting she'd stolen belts from Bloomingdales 35 years ago (when she was already kinda famous?), Keaton spent a couple minutes expounding on how impossibly hot she finds Sawyer. If Keaton had had lips like Sawyer's, she explains, she never would've needed to work on her "fucking personality." Someone secretly switched Annie Hall with Mary Wilkie—let's see what happens!

Daniel Day-Lewis Checks Out The Singing-Barber At The Arclight

Seth Abramovitch · 01/11/08 04:02PM

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"I've Become The Person I've Always Hated, But I'm Happier. "

Choire · 10/19/07 02:50PM

Larry McMurtry, owner of perhaps the largest used bookstore in the country and a Pulitzer Prize winner and an Academy Award winner, and what have you done, you shiftless moaner and castigator, is very very good friends with Diane Keaton. There was this one weird time when he'd just been to the White House with Bush 41 and Bar and they watched "New York Stories" with Tom Clancy but Diane wanted to see the movie just three nights later in New York and so they went and Woody Allen's mother was sitting in front of them and then they went back to Diane's and she is really the kind of gal you do not want to beat in Trivial Pursuit so Larry threw the game on a question he knew quite well. Welcome to the strangest thing we've ever read in the New York Review Of Books!

Hollywood PrivacyWatch: A Robert Downey Jr. Christmas Family Reunion

seth · 12/26/06 04:53PM

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