Comment of the Day: The Satanic Verses 2.0

Leah Beckmann · 12/02/11 07:00PM

Today we learned that no affair, no matter how sordid the details or how scandalous the pair involved, is impervious to Facebook. We also learned that you better not cross Devorah Rose because she will sell you right on down that murky media river. And if you do plan on crossing the shriek monster that is she, make sure to burn down the internet immediately after to get rid of the evidence. One commenter sent us a screen shot of their Facebook dealings. The transcribed version is below.

Who Is Pippa Middleton's Mystery Man Friend?

Brian Moylan · 11/28/11 11:16AM

Pippa Middleton steps out with two, yes two, boys at once. J.Lo had a lovely holiday with her new hunk. Jennifer Aniston and her beau nearly ran into Brad Pitt. Justin Bieber's fake babymomma's ex boyfriend is causing drama. Monday's gossip needs relationship advice.

Why Lindsay Quit the Club Scene—and Other Mysteries, Solved!

Maureen O'Connor · 04/26/10 08:52AM

It involves a violent Samantha Ronson confrontation. Sandra Bullock gets a mistress apology. Marc Jacobs breaks up with his boytoy. Bret Michael remains in the ICU. Mariah isn't preggers. Monday's gossip roundup has all the answers.

Nic Cage's Cash Crunch; The War of the Wannabes

cityfile · 11/18/09 07:33AM

• Nic Cage has been having some money troubles as of late and he recently sued his business manager for allegedly mishandling his finances. Now the manager is striking back. He's filed a countersuit against Cage and claims the actor is an out-of-control spender who, in just the last few years, has picked 15 different homes around the world, 22 cars (including 9 Rolls-Royces), four yachts, a jet, and a Caribbean island. Oh, and Cage also blew a fortune by constantly hosting "Gatsby-style parties at his residences." [WSJ]
• Paris Hilton's plan to remake her image and position herself as more "mature" isn't off to a very good start. The cops had to be called to her house in LA last night after she and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt had a nasty fight. [TMZ]
• Wannabe reality TV star Tinsley Mortimer and "wannabe socialite" Devorah Rose got into "a fight" the other night. Fortunately, two cameras were rolling the entire time, so you'll get to see it yourself in about 6 months. [P6]
• The co-owner of Table 8 at the Cooper Square Hotel is under suspicion for secretly giving his girlfriend a drug to force her to have an abortion and may soon be charged with killing the couple's unborn child. Grim. [NYDN]
Charlie Gibson claims he has "tremendous respect" for his ABC colleague Diane Sawyer, but he supposedly "badmouths her openly and often" behind the scenes. An ABC spokeswoman called the claims "bullsh*t," while a less excitable Gibson said it was all "just silly." [P6]

Life's a Bitch For Social Life's Devorah Rose

cityfile · 07/29/09 12:30PM

Social Life editor Devorah Rose finds herself caught up in a bit of messiness today. Not because her vapid magazine can't find any advertising. And not because she embarrassed herself a couple of weekends ago when she sent out word that Ciara would attend the mag's big party at the "Social Life estate" in Bridgehampton, but then couldn't scrape together the $10,000 needed to pay Ciara's appearance fee. This time, she's been accused of an honest-to-God crime! It seems there's a newcomer on the Hamptons society magazine scene called New York Hamptonite, and Rose and her Social Life friends have been doing their best to stamp out the competition? How, exactly? By stealing all of their copies and replacing them with Social Life.

The Hamptons Magazine Snob-Off

Hamilton Nolan · 07/29/09 11:51AM

The high society better-than-yous who summer in The Hamptons are under the impression that there is some legitimate moral stratification of Hamptons summer society magazines. They fuss and fight as if they were doing something marginally useful, or coherent!

Who Doesn't Want a Reality TV Show?

cityfile · 07/15/09 02:33PM

Fabiola Beracasa isn't the only social butterfly looking for a little reality TV stardom. (She may be the only one with an actual deal in hand, though.) Fashion Week Daily dropped the news this afternoon that Tinsley Mortimer approached the CW recently about hosting a show about "life as a socialite divorcée"—and the CW passed! (Au contraire, says the Tinz; various networks have been approaching her about doing something, but she's been forced to turn them all down because she values her privacy.)

Catfight in the Hamptons, More A-Rod/Madonna Drama

cityfile · 05/29/09 06:23AM

• It looks like it's war between two Hamptons magazines that no one actually reads: A title called Hamptonite is now accusing Devorah Rose's Social Life of destroying copies of its debut issue last weekend. Social Life denies the accusation, although when members of the Real Housewives are involved, anything is possible, really. [P6]
• In A-Rod/Madonna news, the Yankee is still dating Kate Hudson and she's already started "following [him] around." For her part, Madonna is reportedly "livid" at Gwyneth Paltrow because she blames her for setting the two up. [P6, NYDN]
• Rihanna may finally open up about the alleged assault on her by Chris Brown: Prosecutors say they'll subpoena her to appear at a June 22 hearing to decide if there's enough evidence to move ahead with the case. [People]

Life Goes On for 'Social Life' Magazine

cityfile · 05/26/09 01:57PM

Given Social Life is "one of the most popular magazines in Manhattan and the Hamptons" and only covers "the hottest celebrity parties," it's a bit of a mystery why the mag's season opener at the "Social Life estate"—hosted by botorious editor-in-chief Devorah Rose—didn't attract any actual celebrities. Fortunately, "Real Housewife" Alex McCord and her hotel manager husband, Simon van Kempen, didn't have anything else to do and kindly turned up to add a little C-list glam, so the event wasn't a complete disaster. Devorah's big get after the jump.

The Monday Party Report

cityfile · 03/30/09 11:22AM

Tyra Banks, Suze Orman, Keith Olbermann, and Phil Donahue were among the honorees at the 20th annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Marriott Marquis on Saturday night. A few of the people on hand for the occasion: Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan (left), Chris Noth, Clay Aiken, T.R. Knight, Tim Gunn, Christian Siriano, Cherry Jones, Robert Verdi, Heather Matarazzo and Carolyn Murphy, Vanessa Williams, Michael Urie, Ana Ortiz, Junior Vasquez, Jay Manuel, Hanna Storm, Brad Rowe, Jenny Shimizu, Stockard Channing, Judith Light, S. Epatha Merkerson, State Sen. Eric Schneiderman, and Hedda Lettuce. [PMc, Wireimage, Advocate, Access Hollywood]

Devorah Rose: Delicate Island Flower

Richard Lawson · 02/04/09 05:48PM

For the latest installment in the infrequent Gawker Pin-Up series, meet Devorah Rose, editor of purported magazine Social Life and hopeful reality star, in St. Barths apparently channeling Sigourney Weaver's undies in Alien.

Devorah Rose, Fabulist Extraordinaire

cityfile · 12/31/08 12:46PM

This week marked the debut of The City, the New York-centric MTV reality show that follows Whitney Port flitting around town with her fellow DVF "co-worker" Olivia Palermo. New York honored the grand occasion with a feature by David Amsden, who observed that Palermo isn't the only fixture on the social scene who has been in search of reality TV stardom. There's also Deborah Trachtenberg—otherwise known as Devorah Rose—the "26-year-old editor of Social Life magazine, who recently sold an idea (currently called Social Heights) to ABC about the lives of her and her close friends, the publicist Kristian Laliberte and diamond heiress Annabel Vartanian." Props to Devorah for managing to squeeze two lies by New York's factcheckers in the same sentence. She's actually 29, not 26. And the sale of that reality TV concept? Well, that came as news to ABC, who said they'd never even heard of the show.

They Don't Make Columbia MFAs Like They Used To

cityfile · 12/18/08 03:58PM

Hearty congrats to Deborah Trachtenberg, the fame-obsessed partygoer better known as Devorah Rose: According to the social networking site aSmallWorld (which is still in business, by the way), she's the 34th most notable social in New York! (All that money she's been handing over to Columbia seems to be paying off nicely, doesn't it?) The "Top 100" list appears in the debut issue of "aSmallMagazine," which promises to cover the "cultural return to sincerity," an era defined by "the end of flash and a return to substance." How does placing socialites on a list constitute "substance"? Did we mention the issue also has "a peak behind the walls of one of the world's last totalitarian regimes, North Korea." It does! They've covered all the bases! aSmallWorld's announcement to site members is below.

Wednesday Party Report

cityfile · 10/29/08 02:01PM

Dylan Lauren celebrated the re-launch of Dylan's Candy Bar on Monday night with a bash at her Third Avenue store. In addition to siblings Andrew and David and mom Ricky, guests included Woody Allen and Soon-Yi (with their kids), Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa Trump, Lauren Bush, Dan Abrams, Olivia Palermo, Katie Lee Joel, Rachel Roy, Fabiola Beracasa, Stacey Bendet, Eric Villency, Jamee Gregory, Bettina Zilkha, Amy Sacco, Thom Filicia, Dori Cooperman, Ingrid Sischy, Dave Zinczenko, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Karen Duffy, Kira Plastinina, Jason Biggs, Tyson Beckford, and fraudster Tatiana Boncompagni. [PMc, NYO, Wireimage, GoaG]

Five Socialite Reality Shows That Will Soon Be Upon Us

Richard Lawson · 09/15/08 12:44PM

Mad Men is collecting dust on my DVR queue. There I admit it. I've fallen like three or four episodes behind. It's not that I don't like it. I do! It's wonderful (if slightly, horribly depressing)! It's just that I have so much television to watch for work. And, unfortunately, Mr. Hamm & co., it's not going to get any better. A spate of reality shows—some old, some new—will soon be tumbling out of the gate and into our living rooms. Many of these shows, sadly, feature layabout socialites like Olivia Palermo and Kelly Killoren Bensimon. I've compiled a little rundown of these shows for you after the jump because, well, who doesn't like a Monday listicle.

Palermo Preparing for Primetime?

cityfile · 09/11/08 02:46PM

Back in June, socialite Olivia Palermo told the Observer that she had no plans to appear in a spin-off of The Hills starring Whitney Port, who's launching a show about her time working for Kelly Cutrone's fashion PR firm, People's Revolution. She told the same thing to Page Six magazine in July: "I want to be a serious actress," she told the mag. Perhaps the acting didn't work out? Grammar-challenged society hanger-on Emily Brill, who was in talks to appear in another socialite reality show alongside botorious social climber Devorah Rose, says Palermo is, in fact, participating in the program. [Emily Brill]

The Dreaded S-Word

cityfile · 09/05/08 12:31PM

It's not so cool being a socialite, according to this Reuters article, which observes that women like Tinsley Mortimer and Fabiola Beracasa would rather be known as "designers" or "social activists" than by the S-word, which conjures up images of Paris Hilton. How this constitutes news isn't clear, although it follows a piece by William Norwich in this month's Vogue (not online, summary here) in which Lauren Remington Platt says she doesn't go out anymore (we're guessing last weekend was an exception?) and Maggie Betts blames the decline of the socialite on the economy and overexposure from the Internet. (It's probably worth noting that it was Maggie's dad who did more than anybody to insure George Bush got elected, so if she's looking for people to blame for the recession, well, she knows who to talk to.) But the worst thing about the Reuters piece? It lumps Tinsley and Fabiola in the same category as Devorah Rose, which may very well have sent the Tinz into a tizzy this morning.