Brad Pitt's Beard Makes a Surprise Appearance at Chateau Brangelina

Maureen O'Connor · 01/26/10 07:30AM

Which of Brad Pitt's body parts bodes well for Brangelina? Bill Gates dances on a banquette. Topless Donatella Versace shows us what young Hollywood will look like in old age. Natalie Portman has a scandalous new beau. Tuesday gossip cometh.

Natalie Portman's Ex Not Afraid to Show Off the NSFW Bits She'll Be Missing

Kyle Buchanan · 09/26/08 03:15PM

Until their recent breakup, the unlikely pairing of actress Natalie Portman with scruffy, Manson-resembling troubadour Devendra Banhart had people asking, "What exactly does she see in him?" We tried to explain that starlets love themselves some hairy hippies, but still, the naysayers would not be deterred. Now, Banhart may have provided some insight into the matter with the album art for his upcoming side project, Megapuss. Baring all in a very, very NSFW manner, the folk singer shows off what had until recently been the sole property of one Queen Amidala:

Natalie Portman: Back on the Market

cityfile · 09/25/08 05:59AM

Natalie Portman is single. She's split up with boyfriend Devendra Banhart. Best of luck, guys! [People]
♦ The son of famed architect Richard Meier says his dad is gay and he was forced into a mental hospital and disinherited for saying so. Richard's friends, meanwhile, say he's definitely not gay and he's actually quite the ladies' man. [P6]
♦ Clay Aiken pocketed roughly $500,000 for his coming-out cover story deal with People. [MSNBC]
♦ Sarah Palin might make a cameo on Saturday Night Live. Also, Hugh Hefner would love to give her a spread in Playboy. [OK!, Daily Star]

STV · 09/24/08 04:20PM

BREAKING! Natalie Portman Hippie-Free! After six months at Devendra Banhart's aromatic side, Natalie Portman is reportedly making a clean break from her hirsute paramour's patchouli-stinking grip. "Natalie and Devendra will remain friends but need some space and time away," a Banhart source says, but our own spies near Portman's New York base insist the actress will begin washing that man right out of her hair — after a V For Vendetta-style shearing and 48-hour delousing quarantine, naturally. Welcome back, Nat! [ITW]

Facial Hair a Barometer of What, Exactly?

cityfile · 09/15/08 08:05AM

The headline of Joshua David Stein's dispatch from the shallower ends of New York life, "Hot Fuzz: Why Full Beards Are In," is a little misleading. Yes, he tells us that lots of hipsters—Taavo Somer, Dash Snow, Devendra Banhart, his good self—have been sporting overgrown whiskers, but he doesn't actually tell us why. Is it the economy? An epidemic of testosterone excess? A mysterious outbreak of razorphobia? Inquiring minds want to know. [NYP]

Ten Hairy Hippies That Do Inexplicably Well With The Ladies

Kyle Buchanan · 08/06/08 02:30PM

They're one of Hollywood's most glorious odd couples: pixie dream girl Natalie Portman and Manson-resembling folk singer Devendra Banhart. Still, despite the fact that Portman was game enough to appear as an octopus in one of Banhart's videos, she still can't seem to shake those naysayers clucking, "Is she really going out with him?" She is — and she's hardly the first fresh-scrubbed starlet to fall for a charming, soap-eschewing bohemian. With the help of Molly McAleer, we've put together a Top Ten list of the world's most loved-up hippie womanizers. Is it their devil-may-care facial hair, their free love attitudes, or their penchant for sharing necklaces that draws in Hollywood's most beautiful ingenues? Burn some incense and meditate on the subject — we'll be out back crafting a swingset made of hemp and spit.

Natalie Portman And 'Ratty-Assed' Boyfriend Invite You Into Their Trippy 'Tantric Revelry'

Molly Friedman · 07/22/08 01:45PM

Feel like crying today? Great! Thanks to Natalie Portman, queen of bizarre short films that never fail to please, a new music video collaboration with her homeless-but-hot folk singer boyfriend Devendra Banhart will bring on the tears. Whether they’re from fits of laughter or rage, we can’t say for sure. What we do know? This acid trip of a video starring Natalie as Princess Carmensita and Devendra as her “ratty-assed Compadré,” whose impressive Harry Potter treasure trail peeks out from various loincloths, might just be the best short Natalie has ever been in. Sure, her Gangsta Rap on SNL was epic (“All the kids lookin’ up to me can suck my dick!”), her bare butt saved Hotel Chevalier from putting us to sleep, and the best short film from Paris, Je T’Aime featured Natalie in one of the most romantic visions of Paris we’ve seen to date. But can any of these compare to killer snakes flying out of her eyes, demon avatars best viewed while stoned, or watching Natalie transform herself into an octopus, whose tentacles Devendra “entangles himself in”? Watch this truly bizarre video after the jump.

Natalie Portman's New Boyfriend: Loveable Hippie Or Serial Killer?

Molly Friedman · 04/10/08 11:45AM

When we first saw pictures of Natalie Portman walking through New York with her new boyfriend, we initially thought Nat had started volunteering at her local homeless shelter, acting as a mentor for one lucky (and possibly blind) hobo. But then they made out. So who is this caveman-esque guy and what on earth is Natalie thinking? While at first glance folksy singer Devendra Banhart hardly looks like a pretty boy, we found some far more flattering shots of Natalie's new arm candy with his guitar from years ago. And even if Devendra's put on a pound or two since they were taken, we still had to do a double take and make sure we weren't looking at photos of Jim Morrison himself. Judge for yourself after the jump.

Dash Snow Too High Or Something To Work

Choire · 03/02/07 10:40AM

Last night in West Chelsea, at a gallery opening full of Pabst Blue Ribbon and those that enjoy it, collector and show curator Simon Cerigo found that one of his artists had gone missing, according to an attendee. Young Dash Snow, the semen-painter, New York mag art star and (inadvertent?) conceptual prankster of the downtown scene, never actually sent in any "art" for the show. Instead, someone from the gallery—Dinter Fine Art—hung up some doodled-on Village Voices that said "Dash Snow Peace." (On the price list, it was credited to Cerigo.) Jeez, Dash—even psych-folkie Devendra Banhart managed to get his work in on time for the show. And he doesn't even work in bodily fluids. Yet.