Ashton Kutcher Is a Massive Whore

Ryan Tate · 08/17/11 05:26PM

Not only did Ashton Kutcher pose for the cover of Details' September issue, he also edited a special "online only" version, out today. Turns out Hollywood's prettiest boytoy is one compromised whore of a magazine editor, directing most of his recommendations and profiles to tech companies he's invested in, with nary a word of disclosure. It's shameless even by Condé Nast standards.

Can Robert Pattinson Actually Have a Vagina Allergy?

Foster Kamer · 02/14/10 02:30PM

Robert Pattinson did a steamy photo shoot with lots of hot, kinda nekkid models for basically gay straight lad-mag Details, in which he told his interviewer that he is "allergic to vagina." Besides being an awesome pullquote, is it true?

What Do Adam Lambert and Details Have in Common?

Brian Moylan · 10/20/09 10:25AM

Oh, look: metrosexual Bible Details landed America's biggest gay pop star for a cover shoot. A very heterosexual cover shoot. (He sorta kisses a girl!!) No, Details doesn't look gay at all.

Which Magazine Would NYC Be?

Hamilton Nolan · 10/06/09 12:47PM

In your controversial Tuesday media column: A magazine tries to claim NYC as its own, Details loses a publisher, Nancy Grace is the next Judge Judy, and Madonna wants to suck a newspaper's life blood (money).

Hipsters Are Ruining Twitter, Say Hipsters on Twitter

Owen Thomas · 03/13/09 02:22PM

Dear Facebook employee: If you're going to do something obvious and cliché like wearing cowboy boots to SXSW's geek spring break, please have the decency not to tell Twitter about it. Other Twitter idiocies today:

Details Editor Exudes Optimism

Hamilton Nolan · 03/13/09 01:20PM

In your sunny Friday media column: Dan Peres has balls, high school reporters have dreams, Arthur Sulzberger has an honest moment, and the media at large has nothing to look forward to:

Details Moving Into Nicer, Unlucky Offices

Hamilton Nolan · 02/03/09 04:31PM

The good news: Details staffers were just told that they're moving out of their second class offices on Third Avenue into the big time, Conde Nast headquarters at 4 Times Square! The bad news:

Kashkari Kopykats!

Hamilton Nolan · 11/25/08 12:10PM

Oh we see how it is. First we make Republican ski bum and national bailout chief Neel Kashkari a total object of desire by showing you how Ferrari-tastic he was in high school. Then People magazine goes and names him one of the sexiest guys in the world. And now, Details has named Neel #2 on their "Power List," if you can imagine "Details" and "Power" together in the same sentence. Kashkari kopykats are going krazy! We saw him first. That means we're first in line for some of that sweet bailout money in 09, baby. [Details; pic by]