The Tucker Max Choke-Out Video

ian spiegelman · 08/15/08 06:05PM

Yeah, I know, we're giving lying writer, horrible hack, and obvious scat fetishist Tucker Max too much attention. But, well, he's an awful... thing... and there's always the hope that once in a while showing how much of a shit someone is again and again will actually harm them. I know, windmills and such. Still, here is one of the idiot's sycophantic goons/circle-jerk buddies putting someone in a potentially fatal choke-hold because the victim-also some kind of Tucker follower-dissed him on a message board, apparently. You know, coz Tucker and his dudes are raw. And coz this kinda shit is fuckin' h'larious bra.

Even Shock Jocks Hate Tucker Max

ian spiegelman · 08/08/08 05:49PM

How much of a total assclown and liar is Tucker Max? Even shock jocks Opie and Anthony can't stand him. When he was first pitching his retarded tome, the boys got so fed up with his obvious fabrications about crapping and sexing that they decided to make Tucker the joke of the day. Watch and enjoy as O&A-ably assisted by comedian Jim Norton-pretend that the proto-douchebag's microphone keeps kicking out. Being a self-obsessed child, of course, Tucker never gets wise to the ploy and keeps trying to tell his story over and over. Video after the jump, plus a link to a NSFW clip of Opie destroying Tucker's book and throwing it against the wall in disgust.