How to Make a Snow Cone

Caity Weaver · 02/08/13 01:56PM

As the Northeast braces for the storm of the century of the week, her citizens have turned into a population of old tabby house cats, arranging their nests as they prepare to die. In their desperate need to shop for anything, people have even cleared out the bad ice cream flavors from the grocery store shelves.

Mainstream Media Attack Dogs Think We're Asking Too Many Questions About Orange Pie

Hamilton Nolan · 12/03/12 03:25PM

Here at Gawker, we stand in opposition to the back-slapping Lamestream Media and its cozy relationships with Big Business, from Big Fruit all the way to Big Pie. That's why we were the only news organization brave enough to come right out and ask, "Hey, how come you never see orange pie, on the menu or whatever?" It was only a matter of time before Big Pie sent out its MSM attack dogs to try to recapture the narrative.

The Exploding Churro Scandal of Chile

Maureen O'Connor · 12/27/11 01:14PM

The Chilean Supreme Court has ordered daily newspaper La Tercera to pay $125,000 to 13 people injured while using a recipe for exploding churros. The newspaper's recipe forgot to mention the exploding part, apparently because it didn't test the recipe carefully enough.

Barefoot Contessa: The Time Ina Had Multiple Foodgasms

Matt Cherette · 03/19/11 06:27PM

Rejoice! The Barefoot Contessa recap is back! On today's brand new episode of Ina Garten's rich (in many ways), televised culinary compendium, East Hampton's HBIC sank her teeth into—and got some intense pleasure from—a cornucopia of good eats.

Comment of the Day: Ice Cream Is Killing Us

Richard Lawson · 08/12/10 05:09PM

Today we looked at deadly desserts, particularly those made from this newfangled iced cream that the World's Fair is all atwitter about. This caused one commenter to go on a wonderful tirade, brought on by lack of sugar, no doubt.