The NRA's Hot New Web Show For Youngs Is Hilariously Bad Poser Garbage

Adam Weinstein · 05/15/14 11:04AM

Everybody wants to get a piece of that sweet sweet millennial gold. Even the lead-slug tycoons who bankroll the NRA. Behold "Noir," the gun lobby's can't-miss shot at a hot web series for the hip, urbane American who wants a multicolored gun to match that iPhone case!

Anyone Got Any Good Ideas for Barnes & Noble?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/10/13 10:48AM

William Lynch, the CEO of Barnes & Noble, resigned this week after less than two years on the job, having failed to turn around the earnings of the Last Remaining Book Store by selling color tablets. So, uh... anybody have any other ideas? For making money?

Desperate Pee Song Fails to Get Girl Into Harvard

Maureen O'Connor · 07/14/11 02:39PM

The hard-hearted dream-destroyers of Harvard's admissions office have spoken: Grace Oberhofer, the Washington teen who became a viral star begging to get off Harvard's waitlist, did not get into Harvard. Instead she will go to Tufts, where she will spend the next four years deflecting "safety school" jokes. [FlyByBlog, IvyGate]

All Books Must Now Appeal to Cracker Barrel Patrons

Hamilton Nolan · 02/28/11 01:02PM

Now that Borders is dying, book publishers are collectively asking themselves, "Huh, where do we sell all these stupid books, now?" I mean Barnes & Noble is okay and all, but it's gonna take more shelf space than that to show off all those fancy attractive book covers designed to make people forget they could be buying this copy much cheaper used, on Ebay. The solution? Placing books in every kind of store, anywhere, that sells anything at all.

New York Times Will Take Any Damn Ad

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/09 01:07PM

Look at this nasty ad for shingles medication. It is featured prominently on the New York Times home page today. Is there no gross ad the Hobo NYT will not display, in exchange for precious money? (Click for full grossness!)

New York Observer Bribes Readers

Nick Denton · 03/03/08 01:29PM

It's not unheard of for questionnaires to be accompanied by a dollar bill, to encourage recipients at least to open the envelope, and guilt some of them into replying. But the New York Observer is more desperate than that: the weekly newspaper, supposedly for Manhattan's elite, encloses a $5 note in its latest reader survey. (Thanks, Matt, for the pic.) The generous interpretation: the Observer's ad rates depend on proving to advertisers that the curiously pink newspaper's readers are indeed worth $1.7m apiece; and such wealthy readers need commensurately rich inducement to open an envelope. Alternatively, boy-publisher Jared Kushner, who is trying to sustain the Observer's paltry paid circulation of some 50,000, is simply applying the family's experience with bribery. Hey, it works. Kushner won his place at Harvard University after his father pledged $2.5m to the school. ENLARGE»

"Hot" Straight Men Of Book Publishing: The Bottom Of The Barrel

Emily Gould · 07/03/07 03:30PM

We keep trying to come up with a new word or phrase for "slim pickings." Previously our term of choice has been "skinniest girl at fat camp" but that's not very femiladyist and also, we've said it about twelve too many times. "Shallow bench?" Anyway, this is the last semifinal round of "Hot" Straight Men Of Book Publishing. The winner of this round will face off against Overlook Associate Editor Aaron Schlechter and Chris Parris-Lamb @ The Gernert Company in the finals on Thursday.