Dolce and Gabbana Sentenced to Sexy Italian Jail

Caity Weaver · 06/19/13 01:46PM

Luxury fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, two men who have almost certainly personally adjusted the breasts of many of your favorite celebrities, were each issued a jail sentence of one year and eight months on Wednesday in Italy, for tax evasion.

Which 'Sexpig' Designer Buys Male Hookers in 'Industrial Quantities'?

gawker sources · 03/20/12 04:15PM

This fashion designer is known to prefer men young enough to be his sons—or grandsons. But what most people don't know is that his sexual appetite has grown with age. A spy tells us the "sexpig" designer orders male hookers in "industrial quantities" for physically punishing acts. His obsession: fisting.

Idiot Vows To Keep Selling Idiot Clothes

Hamilton Nolan · 11/24/08 01:59PM

Now that we have a glorious, hopey new president, it's time for the assholes to come out. Idiot L.E.S. designer Apollo Braun—famous for being the idiot who makes sweatshirts saying "Who Killed Obama?"— has issued a mumbly press release declaring that he will not stop making his idiot sweatshirts, despite alleged pressure from the FBI, which may or may not be a likely fabrication like the rest of the idiot's stories. He also gives an appropriately amusing quote!:

Kenneth Cole's Bad Slogans Cut Across Party Lines

Hamilton Nolan · 11/06/08 11:38AM

Middling designer Kenneth Cole is well known for writing his own pun-tastic advertising copy after only seconds of thought, and he hasn't lost his razor-sharp mind. Yesterday there was already a Kenneth Cole billboard up for Obama's election: "A precedent we can be proud of.—Kenneth Cole." He had one ready for a McCain election, too: "Out with the old...In with the older.—Kenneth Cole." In case of a third party victory, he could have gone with: "OMG I'm so surprised I didn't even think one up! Well okay how about like, 'Third is the word.' Yea, I like that because it has, like, different levels. Raoul, send that one over to the billboard people.—Kenneth Cole." [NYT]

Little Piper Palin's $790 Designer Handbag

Richard Lawson · 10/22/08 11:39AM

That's Piper Palin, Alaskan governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's 7-year-old daughter. In her hand is a $790 monogram Louis Vuitton handbag. That's over a hundred dollars per year of lil' Pipe's life! So maybe part of her mom's $150,000 Neiman Marcus shopping spree was picking up sweet ass designer shit for her chic and worldly seven-year-old. Or maybe Piper just saved her allowance for a real, real long time. Orrr... heh. It's fake. Who knows! [via Deceiver]

Are We Prepared For A Celebrity Designer Who Doesn't Suck (Conventionally)?

Hamilton Nolan · 10/02/08 09:44AM

1935: Is it back? Economically, maybe, who knows. Fashion-wise? Andre Benjamin certainly believes so fiercely! Andre, a.k.a. Andre 3000 of Outkast, long ago gave up rollin down the strip on Vogues and slammin Cadillac doe's in favor of acting, singing weird songs, and designing fancy menswear under the label "Benjamin Bixby." It features old-style things like breeches and waistcoats and "plus fours," something I could not even identify despite being a stylish man myself. So: is this a mark of progress, or something to scoff at? Take a look!: Despite the fact that his clothing line is perhaps not for me—and perhaps something that would cause me to make jokes were I to spy it on the street, offending as it is to my traditional small-mindedness—there's no denying that Andre is a guy with an actual claim to being an artist, whereas just about every other celebrity designer just has a claim to being a narcissist. So good for him!

Metro: Fooled By Racist Designer, Now Sponsoring His Show

Hamilton Nolan · 08/04/08 02:23PM

Sometimes we come across a PR item so ignorant, misguided, and inexplicable that we just have to shake our heads back and forth and sigh in a dramatic manner. We have one such item right here. If you ran a newspaper that had been terribly embarrassed for treating a racist publicity stunt as front page news just weeks ago-so embarrassed, in fact, that the editor responsible was quietly fired-would you not, in the future, do everything possible to distance yourself from the bad designer who fooled you with with the stunt? Metro NY decided: instead of that, why don't we just sponsor this guy's next fashion show? The press release for the upcoming L.E.S. Fashion Flipside show is below. As you can see, Metro is listed as one of only two sponsors for the show. And [bad designer], last seen trying to sell a copy of his poetry book "America, My Whore" to a reporter from Jewish Week, is listed as the first name under "boutiques." Urgh:

Racist Media Whore Designer Says Dumb Things All By Himself

Hamilton Nolan · 07/25/08 10:40AM

We dislike giving any unnecessary PR to [bad designer], the L.E.S. twit who duped the free NYC paper Metro into putting him on its cover for a racist publicity stunt about a (probably nonexistent) attack by a pack of young black girls on a poor "victim" wearing a [bad designer] t-shirt that said "OBAMA IS MY SLAVE." But sometimes it's important to give coverage to those shining beacons of stupidity among us, so that we all know how not to act. Jewish Week tracked down [bad designer, who's Jewish] for an interview about his bad reputation. Sample: "'I've received death threats on the phone, especially from black people,' [b.d.] said. How did he know, over the phone, their ethnicity? 'They sound African-American.'" There's more!

Source: Metro Editor Fired For "Obama Is My Slave" Publicity Stunt Story

Hamilton Nolan · 07/21/08 11:22AM

A tipster tells us that Mark Bulliet, an editor at NYC's throwaway free morning paper Metro, has been fired. The reason: Bulliet was the editor who oversaw Metro's embarrassing front-page story last Thursday about a girl who was supposedly attacked by four black girls because she was wearing a t-shirt reading "OBAMA IS MY SLAVE." As we told you last week, that story's only source was the crappy designer who had sold the t-shirt, and it's likely the whole thing was a tasteless, racist publicity stunt that Metro fell for. A source tells us that Bulliet had an intern do the story despite its incredibly poor sourcing. We've emailed Metro for a response. If you know more about the fallout, email us. [Previously]

Race-Baiting Media Whore Is A Credible Source To One Dumb Paper

Hamilton Nolan · 07/18/08 01:25PM

Metro, the free paper best known for causing track fires on the NYC subways, ran a cover story yesterday that is totally indefensible, even by the lowly journalism standards of free morning papers. Radar spotted it: a front page splash about an innocent grad student girl who was supposedly attacked by four wild young black females because she was wearing a t-shirt with the slogan, "OBAMA IS MY SLAVE." The paper's one and only source? The untalented media whore designer who sold the mystery girl the shirt. (We would feel dirty giving him more PR than necessary, but it was this prick). But guess what, Metro: we got that press release too. And if this whole story isn't a hoax, I will personally buy one of those shitty shirts.

Weinstein Boots Halston Designer For Lack Of Sexiness

Hamilton Nolan · 07/16/08 10:56AM

Lovers of moguls and fashion house revivals pay heed: Halston, the 70s luxury brand that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is attempting to restore to its former glory, has lost its creative director! Marco Zanini, who came to Halston from Versace a year ago to revive the brand, has reportedly been shown the door. Apparently he didn't have the "sexual charge" that Weinstein craves. Don't worry Harvey, you still have Project Runway!

Marc Jacobs Accused Of Trying To Get You To Buy His Stuff

Hamilton Nolan · 06/18/08 12:26PM

The Juergen Teller shots of Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs' spring ad campaign were met with the usual awed glee when they were released earlier this year. But now there's a backlash! Liz Jones, a columnist at the Daily Mail, is worried that these ads "sum up just what's WRONG with high fashion." Specifically, she thinks the ads are "cruel," because they amount to an in-joke by the photographer and stylists to make Beckham appear gawky and helpless without the aid of Jacobs' fabulous fashion. Well, we do agree the ads are dumb. But Jones' accusation that they show Beckham "seemingly worshipping at the altar of designer fashion" is an equally dumb tautology. And while we applaud her confessional tone about being a slave to designers, it appears that someone has slapped this columnist upside the head with the "Obvious Day" stick:

Shocking Tom Ford Ads No Longer Shock

Hamilton Nolan · 06/02/08 12:46PM

Tom Ford is using nudity in his advertising! Hard to believe, I know. Mr. Ford may be one of the world's most influential designers, but his latest ads have largely completed the evolution from provocative to simply boring. Which is a difficult stunt to pull off, considering the subject matter. But these three spots, starring Brazilian Alex Schultz, are so in-your-face that they lose the sense of allure which should, ideally, accompany any fashion ad—penis-showing or otherwise. Also hard to pull off when using naked people: making your target audience think about clothes. See the disconnect there? We're ready for the cultural needle to swing back towards fully clothed models, thank you. After the jump, the three ads—which are all, predictably, NSFW.

Is Your Stationery Cool Enough?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/28/08 04:38PM

Tired of seeing all those "cool" brand collaborations like "BAPE X FRESHJIVE X PUMA RAZOR T SHIRT WITH THREE LOGOS, $55," etc.? Well now collaborations are coming to the common folk! Cool hipster hip cutting edge Japanese retailer Beams is teaming up with your favorite store, 7-11, for a collabo-branded pack of stationery. We quote: "The latest collaboration by Japanese select shop Beams is with 7-Eleven, producing a stationery collection that includes pens, sketchbooks and sticky notes." Because co-branded stationery is not just a Tokyo thing any more. [Monocle via Hypebeast]

Purported Tom Ford Shows His Nose

Hamilton Nolan · 04/16/08 03:39PM

Had enough of golden boy fashion designer Tom Ford's face? He helpfully poses on the cover of Prestige in a way that makes visible only his forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose, lips, and chin. This is the man about whom rival (?) designer Marc Jacobs just told GQ, "Whatever he's doing works for him. And I don't know if he does anything, but I'm not opposed." Now we know what he's doing: undergoing some sort of grotesque face surgery that's being concealed by faux-artistic camera angles! Click to enlarge the puzzling cover. [Towleroad]