Alas, Snooki Promises to Cut Down on Her Drinking

Adrian Chen · 08/07/10 09:40AM

Snooki's about to get a lot more boring. Spencer Pratt spent seven grand on strippers. Lady Gaga wears another outrageous outfit! Joe Biden meets a guy in an Obama mask. Saturday's Gossip Roundup is undiscovered country. Let's explore.

The Freaky Thumbed Nature of Megan Fox's Sexual Superpowers

Foster Kamer · 09/19/09 10:30AM

Megan Fox has super special sexual powers. Avril Lagine's love-life is "komplicayted," or however she spells it. Jon Gosselin is still around. Justin Timberlake's a funny drunk. Babies, rappers, Yokos, McSteamies, and more! Presenting your Rosh Hashana Morning Gossip Roundup.

Lindsay Lohan's Sad Reality May Soon Be Your Guilty Pleasure

Andrew Belonsky · 08/27/09 05:00AM

Lindsay Lohan wants a reality show. So does Redmond O'Neal. Meanwhile, Derek Jeter may be getting a dose of married life, and Avril Lavigne may soon be a single gal. All that and way more in your Thursday Gossip Roundup...