Republican Mistakes Busload of YMCA Campers for Migrant Children

Adam Weinstein · 07/16/14 11:40AM

If you're a Republican running for Congress in Arizona, you've really got to go that extra mile to prove your cred, or at least a couple hundred feet tailing a school bus filled with migrant children as you lament the invasion of America. Just be sure they're not really summer campers from the local Y.

Second Amendment Men Rally in New York Around Crazy Effigy of Cuomo

Adam Weinstein · 04/01/14 02:28PM

Is it an effigy? Is it a "puppet"? Dude, when it's a likeness of the governor being hoisted by a demonstrator in a minuteman uniform over a crowd of angry gun-toting protesters in the capital, the optics sort of overpower the semantics.

Adam Weinstein · 03/31/14 08:57AM

Second Amendment Man is stunned to learn that a concealed carry permit doesn't let him take his gun out and point it at people he's mad at, then hide it from the cops.

Stop Booting Little Girls From School for What They Look Like, America

Adam Weinstein · 03/25/14 03:20PM

A girl, 9, shaves her head in solidarity with a friend who's in chemo, and she gets suspended from school. Another girl, 8, wears t-shirts, jeans and sneakers, and she gets suspended, too. Their institutions have different reasons, but the result is the same: bullshit expectations put on little girls.

Ark. Judge Says "Sluts Are Just Whores In Training," and Other Stuff

Adam Weinstein · 03/07/14 04:44PM

Mike Maggio is a judge in Arkansas. He is also a big LSU fan. He is also the commenter geauxjudge on an LSU fan site, and he posts some peachy comments there about sluts, gays, minorities, rodeo sex fantasies, and this one time he presided over Charlize Theron's son's adoption.

Adam Weinstein · 03/05/14 05:19PM

Michele Bachmann herp a derp derp derp derpity herpy derp the Jews herp herp derpy derpaderp Obama. Derp?

Brave Florida Leaders Protect Residents From "Nazi" Fluoride Threat

Adam Weinstein · 02/26/14 10:14AM

After an hour of often-bizarre pleas from their salt-of-the-earth constituents Tuesday, four of Hernando County, Florida's five county commissioners donned their tinfoil thinking hats and decided to kill a plan that would have added fluoride to their drinking water.

Blind Florida Man Gets Guns Back After Shooting Friend to Death

Adam Weinstein · 02/24/14 04:28PM

Even though the he said he didn't want to do it, a judge in Seminole County, Florida, was forced to return a Glock pistol and a rifle to a blind man who won immunity for killing another man under the state's "stand your ground" law.

Adam Weinstein · 02/24/14 01:37PM

A tea party primary challenger to Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) is "truly sorry" he habitually posted x-rays of cadavers from his work as a doctor with sarcastic comments. "What kind of gun blows someone's head completely off?" he'd joked of one body. "I gotta get me one of those."

Alabama Legislators Approve Bill Requiring School Prayer Every Morning

Adam Weinstein · 02/24/14 12:31PM

A key committee in Alabama's House of Representatives has pushed through a bill requiring teachers and students at all of the state's public schools to spend 15 minutes every morning in Christian prayer, even though a majority of legislators present say they opposed the measure.

Adam Weinstein · 02/21/14 01:27PM

Florida man "shoots himself in leg after leaving gun safety class" because Florida, man.

Angry Cockfighters in Kentucky Vow to "Destroy" Mitch McConnell

Adam Weinstein · 02/20/14 01:00PM

In Washington, Mitch McConnell is a power broker. In Kentucky, where the senator faces a tough re-election slog, he's just the big-government sonofabitch that made life tougher for hardscrabble locals trying to make a living by breeding animals to rip each other to death for sport.

South Carolina Tries to Punish Colleges for Assigning "Gay" Books

Adam Weinstein · 02/20/14 10:22AM

Legislators in the Palmetto State are attempting to yank funding from two public higher education institutions as political revenge for the schools' use of "books on homosexuality" in their campus orientations for new incoming students.