Is Diddy Getting Hitched? Probably Not

cityfile · 07/25/08 05:28AM
  • Diddy and Cassie are secretly engaged? That's what the highly credible Star says. The rap mogul apparently told friends during son Justin's graduation from Horace Mann last month. [Star]

Ashley Dupre Lands a New Man

cityfile · 07/24/08 05:42AM
  • Ashley Dupre seems to have found a new married man to take her to expensive hotels and treat her to drinks from the minibar. After spending the day shopping in Midtown (left), she checked into the Gramercy Park Hotel with Thomas "TJ" Earle, who owns a New Jersey asphalt company and lives in a "McMansion" with his wife and two kids. [NYP]

Is Raffaello Cutting a Deal?

cityfile · 07/18/08 05:28AM
  • Raffaello Follieri might be in the process of negotiating a deal with the feds, which would put him in prison for five to 6 1/2 years instead of the nine-year sentence he could face if he's convicted by a jury. [NYP]

Howard Stern: Heartbroken Mess?

cityfile · 07/17/08 05:15AM
  • The biggest loser in the Jimmy Kimmel-Sarah Silverman breakup? Howard Stern, who sounds despondent about the split. He was supposed to hang out with the couple on vacation last week, but they never showed, and when Howard later heard the news, he was so upset he had to take a walk to calm down. [Page Six]

For Really?

cityfile · 06/20/08 06:02AM

Derek Jeter was just voted the "most overrated player in baseball" in a Sports Illustrated poll of 495 major leaguers. "I ain't talking about that," Jeter said when asked for comment. Maybe he'll talk about his grammar instead? [NYP]

Derek Jeter, Gym Mogul?

cityfile · 05/22/08 04:07AM

Ever wake up and wish you looked just like Derek Jeter? No? Well, you're going to get your chance anyway. 24 Hour Fitness, the gym chain that has signed the likes of Magic Johnson, Andre Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Shaquille O'Neal, Jackie Chan, and Yao Ming in the past, has tapped the Yankee to serve as its public face when it opens four gyms later this year. Three locations will be located in Manhattan (SoHo, Madison Square Park, Midtown). One will be located in New Jersey, where we imagine the concept will be infinitely more popular.

Kate Moss' Scary Side

Ryan Tate · 02/19/08 08:19AM
  • London tabloid Daily Mail snickered at Kate Moss' bony knees during Moss' night on the town with her rocker boyfriend, but what about the frightening shot of her face at left? The tab writes, under that photo, "Kate's hard-partying ways are beginning to show on the world beauty." Or maybe it's just the tint on the limo glass? [Mail]

Jeter Bringing Poor Performance To A Sports Club Near You

Hamilton Nolan · 02/18/08 09:20AM

Yankees shortstop and and King of New York Derek Jeter is lending his image to 24 Hour Fitness, which plans to open three Jeter-themed gyms in the city. He'll be helping to design everything down to the tile! The timing of the announcement is impeccable, since just yesterday Jeter was revealed to be the worst fielding shortstop in baseball by a scientific study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. Learn to boot ground balls and miss line drives because of your poor range, only at 24 Hour Fitness! The Post, however, found a clever rebuke for those pointy-headed scientists: "'I don't know what they're smoking down at Penn,' said Yankees fan Mike." Check and mate! [NYP]

Derek Jeter

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:26PM

Jeter is the talented shortstop for the Yankees and a heartthrob to countless ladies in New Jersey and Long Island.

Emily Gould · 08/09/07 10:20AM

Former assistant claims Jessica Alba got herpes from Derek Jeter. Or, you know, pretty much anyone else she has ever done it with, because at least 21% of the adult population has herpes. [L.A. Rag Mag]

Derek Jeter Gets Treated Like A Knick

gawktern · 05/30/07 11:30AM

The date: May 24th 2:30am
The place: 201 Park Avenue South
Sighted: Derek Jeter at the Underbar at the W Union Square. He was with a couple of dudes and about seven whorish looking women. They cleared out the bar and moved the furniture out of the middle of the room, we suspect for stripper-poles. As we were getting the boot, we saw a tall beautiful woman in a white blouse (who he had been chatting up for 30 minutes prior) stomp out of the bar and say, "I'm not a prostitute, I'm so out of here!"

Lohan's "LR" Nemesis: Aspiring Klepto

Chris Mohney · 12/13/06 11:50AM

Lindsay Ratowsky — the former assistant to Lindsay Lohan, outed as the "LR" that Lohan rails against in her crazy rage-mail — has her own darkly criminal past. Ratowsky may be temporarily protected by her status as new assistant to Jessica Biel, but if Biel really is sorta "dating" NY Yankee Derek Jeter, Ratowsky could find herself drawn dangerously close to Lohan's home turf. (Incidentally, we personally spotted Derek Jeter sunning his golden physique on a Dominican Republic beach this past weekend, and he was complaining about some non-Biel chick he was trying to bone.) Anyway! Goldenfiddle runs a reader mail detailing Ratowsky's extremely amateurish attempt to steal a boutique necklace while masquerading as Lohan's assistant, even though she had already parted ways with the other Lindsay. Expect her to try and lift Jeter's 2000 World Series ring if not carefully monitored.