Marco Rubio Is Literally Falling Apart

Allie Jones · 02/11/16 11:17AM

After coming in a depressing fifth place in the New Hampshire primary this week, Marco Rubio is coming undone. Just look at him.

McDonald's Basher Had Brawled There Before

Maureen O'Connor · 04/25/11 11:31AM

Teonna Monae Brown—the Baltimore woman charged last week for a beating up a transgender McDonald's patron while a passive crowd made videos—may have been a repeat offender. The Smoking Gun reports that the 18-year-old had previously been arrested for punching a mother of two in the face, then beating her with an umbrella, then trying to rip out her hair, while friends attacked the lady's daughters. Just as ogres like to hide under bridges and terrorize passing billygoats, violent jerks apparently like to hang out at McDonald's and beat the snot out of strangers.

Today in Horrible Things: The Railroad Overpass

Hamilton Nolan · 12/17/10 12:53PM

Three young men aged 15, 17, and 27 were hanging out at their usual spot, a railroad overpass in Commerce, California. They heard a train coming, so they moved to the opposite tracks. They didn't hear the other train coming.

Oil Spill Day 28: The Good News Dies Fast

Jeff Neumann · 05/17/10 04:25AM

Good news: BP says that the siphoning tube is starting to work. Bad news: The spill is heading closer to a "loop current" that would pull it into the Atlantic Ocean and up the East Coast. [WSJ, AP, Getty]

Oprah Loves the Earth, Hates Dolphin Killers

Jessica Poolt · 04/22/10 04:29PM

The filmmakers behind Oscar-winning documentary The Cove stopped by Oprah today to discuss dolphin advocacy. Forced to trespass around the Japanese cove where the dolphin slaughter took place, the crew tells how they captured the horrifying footage shown here.

How to Tell When a Relationship is Over in 90 Seconds

Whitney Jefferson · 12/01/09 01:30PM

We've all been there: that terrible time when the magic has gone and one realizes that they aren't really "in it to win it" anymore. If you need help deciding if your relationship is about to expire, watch this.